Is there a Spanish version of The New York Times?

Is there a Spanish version of The New York Times?

The team of editors at The Times en Español are all native speakers of Spanish (from Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela), and some of us have studied or worked in Peru, Spain, Paraguay and the United States. Every week, we publish 40 to 50 translations on top of opinion pieces and features originally produced in Spanish.

How do I get the NYT app in Spanish?

1 version of The New York Times app for Android can switch to the NYT en Español edition by visiting the app’s Settings to toggle between English and Spanish versions. The app defaults to the Español edition for users who set their device language to Spanish.

Where can I find Spanish news articles?

Spain Newspapers Online

  • El País (Madrid)
  • El Mundo (Madrid)
  • ABC (Madrid)
  • La Vanguardia (Barcelona)
  • El Periódico de Catalunya.
  • La Razón (Madrid)
  • El Correo (Bilbao)
  • La Voz de Galicia (Arteixo)

What does news mean in Spanish?

noticias. More Spanish words for news. las noticias noun. information, tidings. la noticia noun.

What languages is the New York Times published in?

The New York Times has roughly 4.5 million readers of the core site whose browsers are set to Spanish by default. So, in addition to publishing original journalism in Spanish, the Times is translating its marquee English-language journalism.

Where can I read Spanish articles online?

Mobile Devices:

  • El Mundo – Daily Newspaper.
  • El País – Daily Newspaper.
  • RTVE – News and Current Events.
  • CadenaSer – Read the News.
  • BBC Mundo – News in Spanish.
  • – Spanish Reading Comprehension.
  • Deutsche Welle Lateinamerika – German News in Spanish.
  • El – Articles about Spanish.

Is news in slow Spanish free?

The free trial gives you access to everything that a paid subscription offers. If you are a new subscriber, try a subscription free for 7 days. Cancel any time during the trial period and you won’t be charged. If you don’t cancel at the end of the free trial, your subscription will be automatically renewed every month.

What does breaking news mean in Spanish?

information that is being received and broadcast about an event that has just happened or just begun. noticias de última hora.

Is New York Times a scholarly source?

Newspapers are not as easy to classify as other sources. Newspapers are not scholarly sources, but some would not properly be termed popular, either. But some newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, have developed a national or even worldwide reputation for thoroughness.

What is The New York Times known for?

The New York Times is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert and deeply reported independent journalism.

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