Is there a Sinbad 2 movie?

Is there a Sinbad 2 movie?

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas 2: Underwater Adventure is an Animated Sequel that releases in November 8, 2017, and DVD release in May 15, 2018. after 14 years in 2003.

What is Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas based on?

Sinbad the Sailor
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (also known as Sinbad) is a 2003 American animated adventure film. It is produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures….

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
Written by John Logan
Based on Sinbad the Sailor
Produced by Mireille Soria Jeffrey Katzenberg

Was Prince of Egypt a flop?

20 Flop: The Prince of Egypt (Box Office: $101,413,188) That said, it was by no means unsuccessful and it managed to just cross the hundred million dollar threshold, no small feat for an animated movie releasing before the turn of the century.

Where does the movie Sinbad take place?

Sinbad the Sailor (/ˈsɪnbæd/; Arabic: السندباد البحري, romanized: as-Sindibādu al-Baḥriyy; or Sindbad) is a fictional mariner and the hero of a story-cycle of Middle Eastern origin. He is described as hailing from Baghdad during the early Abbasid Caliphate (8th and 9th centuries A.D.).

Why did Sinbad leave a different world?

According to Vanity Fair, Sinbad stated that he decided to leave the show as he was working on a lot of different projects. He also admitted that he wanted to act in movies and try to put his own show together. After he left A Different World, Sinbad started working on his family comedy, The Sinbad Show.

Did Hans Zimmer work on Prince of Egypt?

On “The Prince of Egypt,” Zimmer not only wrote the underscore but functioned as the film’s musical director, arranging and (together with colleagues at Media Ventures, his Santa Monica studio complex, which is home to several other film and TV composers) producing Stephen Schwartz’s songs into a seamless whole.

Was The Prince of Egypt hand drawn?

But for Dreamworks, there was perhaps much more riding on ”The Prince of Egypt” — a film aimed at Disney’s forte, hand-drawn animation.

Who is the villain in Sinbad?

Character information Eris is the Ancient Greek goddess of discord and chaos, and the main antagonist of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. She is voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Who is Sinbad’s daughter?

Paige Adkins

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