Is there a free directory enquiries?

Is there a free directory enquiries?

How to call directory enquires for free. The table at the bottom of this article gives a breakdown of the cost of calling a number of directory enquiry services. Amazingly you can use The Number for free if you call 0800 118 3733, as opposed to their widely advertised 118 118 number.

Does 118 118 still exist?

The most popular service, 118 118, charges £11.23 for a 90 second call, the regulator said. The number of calls being made to 118 services has been falling by 40% a year, but more than a million people a year still use the service. Many of those using 118 services are elderly, Ofcom said.

What is the number for BT directory enquiries?

118 500: The Directory Enquiry service from BT.

How much does it cost to call directory Enquiries 118 118?

The Number provides a free directory enquiries service on 0800 118 3733, though you’ll have to listen to a short advert. Calls to 118 118 – which is the most popular service – cost £4.49 per call, plus an additional £4.49/min.

How much is it to call 118 118?

Calls to 118 118 – which is the most popular service – cost £4.49 per call, plus an additional £4.49/min. A 90-second call through 118 118 can cost users £11.23. If you’re visually impaired or unable to hold a telephone directory, you can sign up to the 195 service which also offers a free directory enquiries service.

Is there still a BT phone book?

The BT Phone Book is the only remaining directory listing published in hard copy in the UK and is circulated to more than 21million homes every year. The Yellow Pages was one of the most popular phone books but its print edition ceased all publication in 2019 after five decades.

Is 192 anonymous?

A spokesman for said: “ has over 30 million residential records for the UK, and 4.5 million business listings, and is an ideal resource for journalists. Contrary to the original blog post by Cleland Thom, if you’re not a registered user, your searches will be anonymous.

What is the 118118 118 phone number?

118 118 company logo 118 118 is the UK telephone number for a US owned directory enquiries provider. Once wildly popular for its advertising featuring two runners, the service has experienced a dramatic decline in calls due to easily accessible information via mobile devices.

Do you charge for calling 118 500 directory enquiries?

It’s worth asking if someone else in your home has made the call, especially if the same number has appeared before. We charge for calls to 118 500 directory enquiries by the minute or part of a minute. There’s also a connection charge for each call from BT landlines.

How do I make a complaint to 118 118 money?

You can make a complaint directly to the 118 118 Money Complaints team by emailing us on [email protected] If you are not satisfied that we have dealt with your complaint properly, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) on 0300 1239 123 or 08000 234567.

How much does it cost to call 118 505 numbers?

Calls to 118 505 cost £2.50 per call plus 75p per minute including VAT, plus your phone company’s Access Charge (excluding BT payphones). 1. Go to: Find a Person

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