Is there a Danger Mouse game?

Is there a Danger Mouse game?

Danger Mouse: Full Speed is a frenetic racing game, inspired by the great arcade racers of the late 80s such as Outrun and Chase HQ. The game is built around a core “race mode” and set in five distinct worlds.

Who is the villain in Danger Mouse?

Baron Silas von Greenback
Baron Silas von Greenback (voiced by Ed Gaughan): The main antagonist, a criminal mastermind and Danger Mouse’s archenemy.

How old is Danger Mouse cartoon?

It features the eponymous Danger Mouse who worked as a secret agent and is a parody of British spy fiction, particularly the Danger Man series and James Bond. It originally ran from 28 September 1981 to 19 March 1992 on the ITV network.

What was Danger Mouse produced?

As a producer Danger Mouse produced the second Gorillaz album, 2005’s Demon Days, as well as Beck’s 2008 record Modern Guilt and four albums with The Black Keys (Attack & Release, Brothers, El Camino and Turn Blue)….Danger Mouse (musician)

Danger Mouse
Associated acts Broken Bells Danger Doom Gnarls Barkley Gorillaz

Where does Danger Mouse live?

The Pillar Box is a tall red Mayfair Royal Mail post box in London at the corner of Baker Street which so happens to be the home of famous Detective Sherlock Holmes. It is the home and main headquarters of Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Has Danger Mouse been Cancelled?

Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister on Game Of Thrones, has been recruited to voice Jeopardy Mouse, a female agent who assists Danger Mouse and Penfold on occasion….

Danger Mouse (2015)
Seasons 2
Episodes 103 (through season 2)
Status Currently in limbo, has not yet been renewed or cancelled.
Origin UK

What was Baron Greenbacks pet called?

Baron Greenback is a round toad, with a round face, broad shoulders, thin arms, and even thinner legs. He wears a beige suit and purple tie. His pet, Nero is considered higher than his hench-crow stiletto!

Does Danger Mouse have a girlfriend?

Scarlet Johamster is a hamster movie star and is Penfold’s girlfriend….Dislikes.

First Appearance Last Appearance
Very Important Penfold There’s Something About Scarlet

When did Danger Mouse end?

March 19, 1992
Danger Mouse/Final episode date

What is Danger Mouse working on?

Black Thought has revealed that he’s working on a new collaborative project with Danger Mouse. Speaking in a new interview, The Roots frontman discussed his latest album, ‘Streams Of Thought Vol.

What is the dangerdanger mouse game?

Danger Mouse Game – Platform Games for Kids – CBeebies – BBC Help Danger Mouse and Penfold collect the coins and fruit to complete their mission. Help Danger Mouse and Penfold collect the coins and fruit to complete their mission. Homepage Accessibility links Skip to content Accessibility Help BBC Account CBeebies CBeebies iPlayer Grown-ups

What is Danger Mouse ultimate?

What is Danger Mouse Ultimate? Danger Mouse Ultimate is such a great running and adventure games, which offers to you the occasion to use the arrow keys in order to jump over all the obstacles and platforms over and over again.

What can I do with Danger Mouse and Penfold?

Help Danger Mouse and Penfold collect the coins and fruit to complete their mission. If you enjoyed playing the Danger Dash game, you might also enjoy playing Peter Rabbit’s Hop To It game, or have fun creating your very own Swashbuckler and explore your island in My Swashbuckle Adventure game. Danger Mouse View all Games for older kids

What are the danger games?

Welcome to The Danger Games, where you’ll dash, jump, fly, and shrinkatize your way to the finish! In this insane race showdown of epic proportions, you’ll play as the world’s greatest secret agent, Danger Mouse, starring in Quark’s latest reality TV show, The Danger Games.

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