Is the Whitehaven coal mine going ahead?

Is the Whitehaven coal mine going ahead?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that he does not want to see the planned off-shore coal mine for Whitehaven go ahead. In an interview with the BBC as COP26 starts in Glasgow, he said: “I’m not in favour of more coal, but it is not a decision for me, it is a decision for the planning authorities.”

Who buys Whitehaven Coal?

Whitehaven agreed to buy the 1 per cent royalty that London listed Anglo Pacific owns on gross revenue generated at the Narrabri mine in New South Wales. Assuming the deal is finalised, Whitehaven will pay instalments worth a total of $US21. 6 million over the five years between December 2021 and December 2026.

Are there any coal mines in Texas?

Though it’s famous for its oil and gas production, Texas is actually the nation’s seventh-largest producer of coal, with 29 surface strip mines across the state that employ more than 1,600 people.

What does Whitehaven mine?

Whitehaven Coal is proud to be the leading Australian producer of premium-quality coal. We are the dominant player in Australia’s only emerging high-quality coal basin. We operate four mines (three open-cut and one large underground mine) in the Gunnedah Coal Basin of NSW.

Why are they opening a coal mine in Cumbria?

The area, in north-west England, is dominated by the giant Sellafield nuclear plant, and West Cumbria Mining promises hundreds of well-paid jobs. Coal from the mine could support steel-making in the UK, and using British coal would save the carbon emitted by shipping it from Australia or North America.

What is the future of Whitehaven Coal?

The future of the Australian coal sector and high-quality coal producers such as Whitehaven is expected to remain robust over the long term. The coals we produce service the premium export markets of Asia, to both users of thermal and metallurgical coal products.

Who owns Whitehaven mine?

Whitehaven has a 75% interest in the mine and is also the mine’s operator. ICRA MC Pty Ltd has a 15% interest in the mine and J-Power Australia Pty Ltd controls the remaining 10%.

Where can you find coal in Texas?

Coal deposits in the Trans-Pecos area of West Texas occur in Brewster, Hudspeth, and Presidio counties. Earlier mines at Thurber in Erath County, Bridgeport in Wise County, Newcastle in Young County, and Strawn in Palo Pinto County produced large tonnages and in 1950 continued small-scale production for local use.

Where does coal come from in Texas?

Although underground mines produced most of the coal in Texas before the mid-1950s, those mines closed decades ago, and now surface mines produce all of the state’s coal. Currently, seven mines produce lignite, and one produces bituminous coal. Texas is also the nation’s largest coal consumer.

Will Cumbria coal mine go ahead?

Boris Johnson has said he does not want a planned new coal mine in Cumbria to go ahead. Speaking at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow he said he was “not in favour of more coal”. The government is awaiting a report from the Planning Inspectorate, but the final decision lies with Communities Secretary Michael Gove.

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