Is the Cooler Master tx3 good?

Is the Cooler Master tx3 good?

Performance-wise the Evo keeps up the family tradition by offering very good result at a very keen price point. Although it’s not quite as efficient as some of its more expensive rivals when it comes to keeping the CPU cool when worked hard or overclocked.

Does the Cooler Master Hyper tx3 EVO come with thermal paste?

It come with thermal paste, but is NOT “pre-applied”, meaning you have to apply it by yourself.

Is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO good?

Our Verdict. Priced around $40 at release, the Hyper 212 Evo v2 is a fantastic frugal option with a surprising amount of cooling potential, and makes a great choice for first time system builders or budget PCs.

How loud is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO?

On high loads that cpu fan will get up in the 35-7 dBA range, idle/low its more near 30. It is not totally silent, but is one of the most quiet air coolers for gaming purposes. If sounds is an issue closed loop water can be quieter, but can also be louder, its alot more unpredictable.

Do I need thermal paste for Cooler Master Hyper 212?

I ordered the RR-212S-20PK-R1 Hyper 212 Black Edition, and it has a tube of thermal paste included. This does come with pre applied thermal paste, but if you have an i7 or i9 or you are going to overclock your cpu, then you might want to buy some better paste from a popular company such as thermal grizzly.

Do I need thermal paste for Hyper 212 EVO?

The CM Hyper 212 EVO does come with a small tube of thermal paste, which has multiple uses. For the best cooling (temps even lower than usual, and longevity,) I recommend going with an Arctic Freezer or some other trusted brand. This is not entirely necessary, however.

Is Hyper 212 loud?

In the end, we found the Hyper 212 quiet compared to many other coolers, but it is certainly not silent. However, most users will be fine with the low noise levels of the Hyper 212 fan as mounted on the heatsink.

Is Hyper 212 Paste good?

The H212 EVO is a really good cooler for the value, but for the price of high quality thermal paste I think you’d be better off just using the money to buy a better cooler. There might be something to getting MX-4 with an NH-D14 or an H80i though. Use the included paste.

Does Hyper 212 include thermal paste?

Why Cooler Master hyper TX3 Evo?

The launch of Hyper TX3 EVO marks another milestone with Cooler Master’s Improved Direct Contact technology, further improving cooling performance. Aluminum fins with 3 direct contact heat pipes provide excellent heat dissipation.

What is the difference between hyper 212 Evo and TX3 Evo?

However, taking a closer look at the specifications, we note that the TX3 EVO follows on the same footstep as its Hyper 212 EVO sibling in that it bundles a quieter lower RPM fan but unlike the latter, “Continuous Direct Contact Technology” hasn’t been employed in this variant of the EVO line.

What does the hyper TX3 package look like?

In Figure 1, you can see Hyper TX3’s package. It is actually a plastic blister, showing the cooler, just like the Vortex 752. Figure 1: Blister. Inside the blister package we found the cooler, the fan, user manuals, installation hardware and a gray thermal compound tube.

How easy is the TX3 Evo to fit?

The TX3 Evo certainly gets a major thumbs up when it comes to how easy it is to fit, mainly due to the fact that once you’ve attached the Intel push pin assembly then it’s a direct swap-out for the standard Intel cooler. It’s also very quiet, a far bit quieter in fact than its predecessor thanks to the new sleeve bearing fan it uses.

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