Is Taylorsville NC A good place to live?

Is Taylorsville NC A good place to live?

Taylorsville is an overall decent county to live in. There isn’t another place I would rather live in. There is always friendly people out there to help if you are in need. Everybody knows everybody in this town, and that’s not always a bad thing.

What county is Bethlehem NC in?

Alexander County

What county is Hiddenite NC in?

Hidden gems can be found in this North Carolina small town Hiddenite, North Carolina, with a population of a few hundred, is located in Alexander County. It’s home to the fourth rarest gemstone in the world: Hiddenite. The hiddenite variety of spodumene was first discovered around 1879 near the White Plains settlement.

What is there to do in Taylorsville NC?

Essential Taylorsville

  • Sun Crest Water Park. Water Parks.
  • Treasure Cove Antique Mall. Antique Shops.
  • Deal Orchards. Speciality & Gift Shops.
  • Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area. Mountains.
  • Emerald Hollow Mine. 393.
  • Riverbend Park. Parks.
  • Aerial Aquatics. Adrenaline & Extreme Tours.
  • Treetop Adventures.

What is Taylorsville NC close to?

Hickory, NC. Newton, NC. Statesville, NC.

What is the zip code for Bethlehem North Carolina?

Bethlehem/Zip codes

What is Hiddenite NC known for?

Hiddenite, North Carolina, United States, is a centre for the mining of gemstones. Three larger mines found there are Adams Mine, NAEM and the Emerald Hollow Mine. They are collectively known as the Hiddenite Gem Mines.

Is Hiddenite NC A good place to live?

Great place too live and good for raising the family. Quite an easy to get to larger towns. Just at the foothills of the mountains with the easy quick access to the blue ridge parkway. Makes it good for a hiking and seeing the leaves in the fall.

What county is Hickory NC in?

Catawba county
Hickory, city, Catawba county, west-central North Carolina, U.S. It lies near the Catawba River (there dammed to form Lake Hickory) just east of the Appalachian foothills and about 60 miles (100 km) northwest of Charlotte.

How much does hiddenite cost?

The average cost of hiddenite gems is $100.00 per carat, but the value of the stone can vary widely according to the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone. The most highly desirable colors are deep greens, and the lighter green-yellow varieties are valued less than the darker green varieties.

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