Is Swinley Forest open for MTB?

Is Swinley Forest open for MTB?

We are excited to announce that we are open and operating with Covid safety procedures in place. Please follow the signage and directions given by our team to ensure a fantastic day for all.

Is mountain biking allowed in national forests?

National Forests? Generally speaking, mountain bike riding is permitted on all national forest roads, in the general forest area and on horse trails. But mountain bikes are prohibited in Wilderness Areas (which can be located within forests) and on those trails designated for hiking only.

Why is there no cycle in Swinley Forest?

A spokesman said: “At the current time, we’re asking people not to cycle in Swinley Forest, to help minimise the risk of accidents and ensure our staff and visitors can maintain proper social distancing.

Where can I cycle in Bracknell?

The Circa Trails: The Best Cycle Rides Around Bracknell

  • Swinley Forest – Blue Trail 9km.
  • Swinley Forest – Red Trail 14km.
  • The Sandhurst Ride – 21km.
  • Bracknell, Ascot and Windsor – 23km.
  • Birdy-25 – 40km.

How many acres is Swinley Forest?

2,600 acres
Swinley Forest is owned and managed by the Crown Estate, and stretches over 2,600 acres of gentle hills from Bracknell to Crowthorne.

Should mountain bikes be allowed in wilderness areas?

By law, wilderness areas do not allow road building and other forms of development, and prohibit motorized and mechanized vehicles, including mountain bikes. Increased mountain bike and recreational disturbances can have negative effects on big game species.

Is mountain biking allowed in national parks?

Nowadays, more than 40 National Park Service sites allow mountain biking. Along with many NPS units like national monuments and national recreation areas, those include the following nine amazing national parks for mountain biking.

Do you have to pay to ride at Swinley Forest?

The trails are free to ride, with The Crown Estate allowing public access for trail riders. Located at the trail head is Swinley Bike Hub, fast becoming the heart of the forest with its friendly and knowledgeable crew.

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