Is sun ripened raspberry discontinued?

Is sun ripened raspberry discontinued?

Sun-Ripened Raspberry, which first came out in 1996, was discontinued sometime in the 2000s to make room for newer signature fragrances, like Pink Chiffon and Wild Madagascar Vanilla.

How many days do Wallflowers last?

How long Wallflowers refills last? These amazing babes last up to 30 days.

What does sun ripened raspberry smell like?

Top notes are definitely raspberry and hints of strawberry, and there is a dry vanilla fragrance which is not very prominent. At the first sniff, you may feel it is too loud, but with time it settles down to a fresh and sweet aroma.

How do you adjust Bath and Body Works Wallflowers?


  1. To get started, twist right (clockwise) to uncap the refill and twist left (counter-clockwise) to attach it to the plug.
  2. Always keep your plug and fragrance refill upright.

Will Bath and Body Works Bring Back sun ripened raspberry?

Share All sharing options for: Sun-Ripened Raspberry Is Coming Back to Bath and Body Works Today. Bath & Body Works just couldn’t wait for Sun-Ripened Raspberry. All eight returning fragrances will be on sale from June 6th through July 3rd at Bath & Body Works locations and online.

What does raspberry sugar smell like?

Raspberry Sugar smells like a sweet-as-candy blend of sugared raspberries, plum blossom & winter white lily!

Are Wallflowers worth the money?

The Wallflowers are perfect for those of us who like a good-smelling room. I recommend putting this in a smaller area because the scent will not be as strong. I’m pretty pleased with my $32 purchase; I think it will last me most of the year. Well, it’ll last until the next big sale I hope!

Are Wallflowers worth it?

My absolute favorite plug ins. Love the variety of high quality scents to be able to put in them. Pricier than i would like them to be however, but they smell so good and last so long it’s worth it! The wallflower units quit working after a short period of time and they do not smell in open concept rooms.

Can you use wallflower without scent?

I am pretty sure they will work. I love my wallflower night light. Use it in the bathroom every day without fragrance.

What does raspberry and pink lily smell like?

Smells like alcohol. This smells like alcohol and raspberries.

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