Is Sublime with Rome the same as Sublime?

Is Sublime with Rome the same as Sublime?

Sublime with Rome is a musical collaboration between Eric Wilson, formerly of the American ska punk band Sublime, and singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez. As a result, they changed their name to “Sublime with Rome” in January 2010.

Who opened for Sublime with Rome?

Tribal Seeds
The San Diego reggae band Tribal Seeds will be one of the opening acts for the tour’s June 27 date at Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver. Other confirmed opening acts include Dirty Heads, 311, Matisyahu, New Kingston and Bleeker.

Is Rome part of Sublime?

Rome Ramirez
Eric WilsonBud GaughDrum KitCarlos VerdugoDrum KitJosh FreeseDrum Kit
Sublime with Rome/Members

When did Sublime become Sublime with Rome?

Rome joined the band in 2009 when surviving members Wilson and Gaugh reformed as Sublime with Rome.

What genre is Sublime with Rome?

Sublime with Rome/Genres

Does Sublime with Rome play Santeria?

Rome Ramirez don’t practice santeria, but he has been the lead singer of Sublime since he was 18 | The Outline. Meet the 30-year-old who’s been tasked with carrying on the legacy of the most famous ska-punk band of all time.

Who is Sublime with Rome touring with?

Line-up: Sublime with Rome, Morgan Wallen, Sister Hazel, Ballyhoo!

Who has toured with Sublime with Rome?

Sublime With Rome’s Concert History Sublime with Rome is a collaboration between Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh of Sublime and Rome Ramirez.

How did Rome join Sublime?

At 18, Ramirez headed to Los Angeles to focus full-time on music. There, he was introduced to one of his idols, Eric Wilson, bassist for Sublime. They became friends and started jamming together at Eric’s infamous holiday parties in Long Beach. Within the year, the plan to bring back Sublime had been set into motion.

What genre is Sublime With Rome?

What kind of music does Sublime play?

Sublime were a scruffy band from Long Beach, California that freely mixed elements of punk rock, ska, dancehall reggae, psychedelic rock and hip-hop together to form their unique musical take on Southern California street and beach culture.

Is Sublime a cover band?

Sublime is just one of many artists to cover it: Sinéad O’Connor recorded it for her 2007 album, “Theology,” and The Neville Brothers have a version of it on their Walkin’ in the Shadow of Life album released in 2004, to name a few.

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