Is Specialized Roubaix worth it?

Is Specialized Roubaix worth it?

The Roubaix pulls off the neat trick of being a road bike that can do so much more than just ride on tarmac. With squishy tubeless tyres and that Future Shock, it’s one of the most versatile bikes I’ve ridden in years and, critically, it’s loads of fun. The Expert spec leaves very little to be desired.

Can you ride a Specialized Roubaix on gravel?

The roubaix is a great choice for gravel if it’s not too chunky. You are certainly not going to hurt the frame. While the trend is toward wider tires, you can have a significant advantage on some courses running narrower tires when everyone else is running big.

Is the Roubaix sport a good bike?

Verdict. The Specialized Roubaix Sport is a highly comfortable bike for endurance road riding, thanks to its combination of Future Shock front suspension and a highly flexible seatpost. However, the lack of a lockout function in this model means the front end bobs continually when riding out the saddle.

Is Specialized Roubaix good for climbing?

Due to the slightly chunky overall weight and wheels it does feel better climbing in the saddle than trying to attack out of the saddle when it just felt like there wasn’t enough forward momentum for the amount of power put in. One aspect of the Roubaix Comp that is really positive is the handling.

Can you race a Specialized Roubaix?

Specialized Roubaix 2020 range overview Speciaized started adding compliance to its race bikes with various experiments including Zertz’ elastomer-based inserts in the stays and fork legs, and then the Future Shock-equipped Roubaix in its last generation.

Is the Roubaix fast?

The most recent Roubaix has muddied the distinction even more. But with the Roubaix now faster and much lighter than before, and Specialized even claiming it’s faster than the Tarmac SL6, the Roubaix steps into a bigger spotlight, and may just end up making the most sense for an even larger group of cyclists.

How much does the Roubaix sport weigh?

19 lbs 1 oz

Year 2020
Model Roubaix Sport Disc
Size 54 CM
Frame Material Carbon Fiber
Weight 19 lbs 1 oz

What is future shock suspension?

The Future Shock features up to 20mm of travel, and it’s positioned above the head tube in order to move in a vertical path. So when the front wheel encounters rough terrain, the bike moves up towards your hands and preserves your forward momentum without slowing you down.

Is Specialized Roubaix a road bike?

Since this is an endurance road bike, and comfort over the long haul is key, Specialized added its Comp Hover drop bar, with 15mm of rise, making this bike a great solution for anyone who wants the performance of a drop bar bike but not the discomfort that sometimes comes with being hunched over for hours on end.

How heavy is the S-Works Roubaix?


Frame S-Works Roubaix
Seatpost Specialized Pavé
Saddle S-Works Power
Wheels Roval CLX32 Disc, Specialized Turbo Cotton Hell of the North 28mm tyres
Weight 7.27kg (56cm)

How much does the Specialized Roubaix Sport 2021 weigh?

Although the light weight frame of the Roubaix Sport is made of FACT 9r carbon fiber instead of the two tier better S-Works, you still get a very light weight bike at just 20 pounds.

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