Is Specialized Epic Comp good?

Is Specialized Epic Comp good?

The 2021 Specialized Epic Comp delivers a fast, reliable ride that feels at home on the racecourse and the trails. The BRAIN suspension works brilliantly, and the updated geometry makes it extremely capable.

How heavy is specialized epic hardtail?


Price GBP £2250.00
Weight 11.54kg (L)
Brand Specialized

What is the difference between Epic and Epic Evo?

The Epic is designed wholly for full gas pedalling around an XC racetrack, while the Evo has adapted the Epic platform to smash XC trails. The Evo and Epic share the same front triangle while the Evo sports a different rear triangle among other tweaks to handle the increased travel and make it a more stable ride.

How much does the 2021 S-Works Epic weight?

It’s the lightest Epic yet The S-Works Epic, which is built from FACT 12m carbon fibre, is claimed to weigh just 1,869g (medium size, including shock, thru-axle, hanger and hardware). The weight drop hasn’t come from any one place in particular, though most savings were found in the back end.

What kind of bike is a Specialized Epic?

For 20 years, Epics have rocketed more racers to the top of the podium than any other full suspension XC bike. Now with a smarter, tougher, more responsive Brain shock and a stiffer, lighter frame, the new race-focused Epic cuts the time between starting line and victory even shorter.

What is a lightweight mountain bike?

Sub 10kg (22lb) has always been a benchmark for the best lightweight mountain bikes. Developments and demands of riders mean it’s harder than ever for cross-country mountain bikes to hit that target though. 29in wheels, tires and forks will always be heavier than 27.5in or 26in (remember them?)

Does specialized brain work?

The New Specialized S-Works Epic Is a Capital R Race Bike. It’s fast, precise, smooth, and extremely efficient. The Takeaway: The updated Brain suspension platform makes the new Epic incredibly efficient on smooth terrain and extremely capable on the rough stuff.

Is the specialized epic Comp carbon 29 a good bike?

Specialized’s Epic Comp Carbon 29 is well appointed straight out of the box and offers a stellar suspension package with sorted handling. Hardcore racers will likely want something a bit lighter but it wouldn’t be difficult to cleave some significant mass later on as parts wear out, and the frame is well worth additional upgrades.

What kind of wheels does the epic Comp 29 have?

The M5 aluminum Epic Comp 29 has 100mm of travel and 29-inch wheels to smooth any cross-country terrain. M5 alloy, 29″” geometry, fully manipulated frame w/ ORE DT/TT, gussetless TT (S/M), tapered HT, 142mm dropouts, sealed cartridge bearing pivots, replaceable derailleur hanger, 100mm travel

Is the epic Comp carbon 29 a good handlebar angle?

Handling characteristics are well suited to the Epic Comp Carbon 29’s all-day persona, with a not-too-quick 70.5-degree head tube angle (remember, we’re talking about 29in wheels here) and the same bottom bracket height as Specialized’s 26in Epic.

What is the carbon Comp 29?

The Carbon Comp 29 is Specialized’s least expensive model in the Epic family to come equipped with a composite frame. Lesser fiber blends are used relative to the top-end versions to help keep costs down and there’s also a welded aluminum rear triangle instead of a full-carbon setup, but still with cartridge bearing pivots throughout.

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