Is RSL membership reciprocal?

Is RSL membership reciprocal?

Reciprocal membership entitles the holder of such membership access to Cronulla RSL but not the ability to sign others in.

How do you become an RSL member?

How to join – two ways. Simply download the membership form, fill it in and submit it to your nominated Sub Branch (either in person or by email). Your Service History will also need to be sighted at the Sub Branch before your membership can be finalised.

How much is RSL membership Victoria?

SERVICE MEMBERSHIP – $10.00 Must 18 years of age or over. Has served in any of the Australian defence forces in any conflict.

What is the benefit of an RSL program?


Benefits Social Affiliate
RSL Rewards program Yes Yes
Meal Deals Yes Yes
Receive newsletters/ emails Yes (email only) Yes (email only)
Discounts on bar sales Yes Yes

Why is Cranbourne RSL closing?

Dandenong Cranbourne RSL was hit with a $1.3 million deficit during 2020. Dandenong-Cranbourne RSL has outraged members by selling off its Cranbourne venue after a staggering $1.3 million financial hit during Covid-19.

How many RSL clubs are there in Victoria?

RSL Victoria is the state’s second-biggest pokies operator; 52 of its 277 sub-branches have poker machines. But the machines are controversial, and a breakaway group of young veterans has been campaigning for the RSL to divest of gaming.

Is RSL membership Australia wide?

RSL Australia currently has over 150,000 members. Being a member of the RSL provides a sense of belonging and involvement in Australia’s largest veteran community. As a member of the RSL you will enjoy the privilege of having joined one of Australia’s oldest and most respected organisations.

Who can join the RSL Qld?

The following are eligible to join the RSL: Any person who has served for not less than six months in the Regular or Reserve Forces of the ADF, or of any country not an enemy of Australia. Shorter service can also qualify if discharge was honourable and for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

Do veterans get discounts at RSL?

RSL NSW has partnered with Avis and Budget to provide discounted car hire rates to veterans. Enjoy a 2.5% discount* from our preferred car rental partners, Avis and Budget.

Why do you need to be a member at an RSL?

You Need To Become A Member To Enter An RSL Members get all the perks like cheaper food and drinks, earn and redeem points, $20 Birthday credit, exclusive member promotions and more. At Dee Why RSL, our memberships are super affordable.

Who bought the Cranbourne RSL?

Cranbourne Turf Club
The closure of the Cranbourne RSL sub-branch, which has existed for more than 100 years, was confirmed by Leader last week, after it was bought for an undisclosed amount by the Cranbourne Turf Club.

What is the postcode of Cranbourne?

Cranbourne/Postal codes

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