Is ROLI going out of business?

Is ROLI going out of business?

As part of the restructure, ROLI Ltd has gone into administration. The new company, Luminary, has taken over all the IP, staff, products, brands and assets of ROLI. The ROLI and LUMI brands will continue as before, including, and their associated social media pages.

Is the ROLI Seaboard Block worth it?

The ROLI Block series is great for jamming, composing and recording on the go. They are almost always with me and my iPad where ever I go (very portable). But for serious studio work or professional live performance, the ROLI Seaboard Rise is worth the money.

How many ROLI blocks can I connect?

How many Seaboard Blocks can I connect together to form a single surface? Up to five Seaboard Blocks can be connected together to form a single extended-range surface.

How much does ROLI cost?

Just know that Roli’s Seaboard technology is multi-dimensionally expressive, a little hard to learn, and now available in a much more portable and affordable form factor: the $299 Seaboard Block.

Where can I buy ROLI?

ROLI hardware instruments are currently exclusively available through and

How do I get Lumi keys?

In the same way, a LUMI Keys 1 you purchase from is compatible with ROLI desktop software, as well as third party DAWs and plugins. You could even buy a LUMI Keys from each website to create a seamless 48 key keyboard — just click them together with LUMI’s DNA connectors.

Who invented the Seaboard?

Pianist Roland Lamb
Pianist Roland Lamb founded ROLI in 2009 while a graduate student at London’s Royal College of Art. His first prototype of the Seaboard was a response to the design limitations of the piano keyboard as a mechanical interface.

How much is a Lumi keyboard?

It costs $299, and an optional subscription to the app is $79 per year. I happen to have both the “Kickstarter version” of the product and the new version. The latter is the one I mostly used. The Lumi Keys fits right on my dinky desk, where it takes up less space than my typing keyboard.

How do I pair ROLI with iPad?

Turn on Bluetooth Switch Bluetooth on in the Settings or Preferences of the device you will pair to your ROLI instrument. Your ROLI device will not appear in the devices list because it is a MIDI-over-Bluetooth device.

How do I Connect my ROLI Lightpad?

Go to the menu bar and click MIDI Studio > Open Bluetooth Configuration. It will start to automatically detect Bluetooth devices. Turn on your Lightpad Block and wait for it to be detected. Click “Connect”.

Does LUMI teach you to read music?

However, this acclaim for Lumi’s back-catalog brings me to the feature I had the most doubts about, and it’s one that’s central to the entire product: how the music itself is taught. As mentioned above, the Lumi uses light up keys to power a Guitar Hero-style interface (officially known as “cascade” mode).

Where is ROLI based?

In April 2017 ROLI raised debt funding from Kreos Capital. The company is based in Dalston, London, with offices also in New York and Los Angeles. It sells its products in over 40 countries worldwide.

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