Is Randy Orton better than HHH?

Is Randy Orton better than HHH?

As per the list of matches, out of the 20 one on one matches the two have had, Triple H has won 10 matches, Randy Orton has won 6 matches, and 4 matches ended in a draw. After knowing that the two have had 20 singles matches with each other, everybody can see how much history do the two share with each other.

Is Randy Orton the best heel?

Although he makes for an admirable face—and has certainly done plenty of good things whilst being renowned as the good guy—as a heel, Randy Orton comes into his own. In fact, Orton’s work as a heel is so good, he should be regarded as the finest heel of his generation. However, no one has been better than Randy Orton.

Is Randy Orton one of the best wrestlers?

Randy Orton is certainly one of the best, having held 14 World Championships in WWE throughout his career. Behind Ric Flair and John Cena, both with 16 reigns each, Orton is tied with Triple H. This makes him among the top 4 of the most decorated WWE Superstars of all time.

Why Randy Orton is underrated?

It’s very difficult to see Randy Orton as an underrated pro wrestler when, by definition, he is rated extremely highly by his many, many fans. He has the kind of loyal fanbase that is going to stick with him through thick and thin, and that’s something to be admired.

Who’s better Edge or Randy Orton?

Edge’s statistics vs. Currently, Edge is 6-19-1 against Randy Orton. The numbers are lopsided, but Edge has some interesting statistics as well. Out of the 27 matches, Edge’s first victory over Orton came two months into their feud over the Intercontinental Championship at WWE Vengeance 2004.

Who fought Randy Orton?

Lashley secured the win over Randy Orton in a grueling near-20 minute encounter. Bobby Lashley was ECW Champion at the time, and was being pushed hard by WWE as a fan favorite. Lashley was also selected by Donald Trump to represent him at the ‘Battle of the Billionaires’ match at WrestleMania 23 during this period.

Is Randy Orton still a heel?

Randy is effective as a babyface, but he still does heel tactics. He doesn’t change much of his match or his psychology.

Is Randy Orton cocky?

Randy Orton has always been very arrogant and into himself. Orton would have his own stable called Legacy later in his career. Also factor in his nickname of The Legend Killer and his arrogant pose that he is known for.

How can I be like Randy Orton?

Randy Orton loves to work out in the gym and he spends around two hours a day and 5 days a week in the gym to stay perfect. Orton keeps changing his exercises every 3 weeks so the muscles don’t get flattened.

How many wrestlemanias has Randy Orton?

In fact, Randy has competed on 16 different WrestleMania events over the course of his career, and his overall record, 6-10, kind of stinks.

Why Randy Orton is the best?

Randy Orton is arguably the most established WWE Superstar on the current roster. He simply lives and breathes professional wrestling. For The Viper, it’s a family business. When it comes to being a heel, there’s perhaps no one better than him in sports entertainment today.

How many times has Randy Orton beat Edge?

Randy Orton and Edge have squared off 27 times throughout their careers. Orton has won 19 out of the 27 matches, which leaves him 19-6-1 against Edge. Out of those 19 wins, Orton has defended and retained the Intercontinental Championship 11 times.

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