Is Promalin available in India?

Is Promalin available in India?

Ennovative Promalin, For Agriculture, 250 Ml, Rs 12000 /litre E-nnovative Agrico | ID: 21437630362.

What is Promalin PGR?

Promalin is a plant growth regulator for use on apples and pears, non-bearing pears and non-bearing sweet cherries. Improve the shape of apples through fruit elongation and development of more’ prominent calyx lobes (“typiness”).

What is Promalin?

Promalin® is a mixture of two naturally occurring plant growth regulators: gibberellic acid 4 and 7 (GA4+7), which cause cell enlargement and elongation, and 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) which promotes cell division. Promalin has a number of effects in apples, depending on when it is applied.

How do you use Promalin?

Promalin/Perlan are recommended to be used at 1 pint per acre. In addition to setting fruit in frosty conditions, Promalin/Perlan will do the following: Increase cell division. Increase fruit weight.

Does gibberellic acid affect plants?

Gibberellic acid is known to induce seed germination, promote shoot growth and internode elongation, determine the sex expression of a plant, and it is involved in promoting the flowering of plants (Gupta & Chakrabarty, 2013).

What is applin PGR?

Features: Applin is a Biostimulant used in Apple crop. Applin improves the fruit shape through elongation of fruit and development of more prominent calyx lobes. Applin also increases weight of individual fruit and yield per tree.

What is PGR in apple farming?

Enhancing Apple Quality with VBC PGRs VBC plant growth regulators enhance several key quality characteristics that boost the grower’s bottom line: MaxCel thins the crop, increases fruit size and improves return bloom. Promalin enhances fruit shape, size and finish.

What is the full form PGR?

Plant Growth Regulator (pgr)

What is PGR for apples?

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) can be used with some precision for thinning fruit, regulating growth and adjusting harvest periods for apples. These products are absorbed by plant cells, primarily through the leaves and fruit, where they interact with the bio-chemical “machinery” of the plant.

What happens when you use too much gibberellic acid?

GA3 Helps Overcome Dormancy There are some potential problems with this technique. If you use too much GA 3 (ie too high a concentration) or you expose the seed too long, you can kill the seed. It is also possible that you get good germination, but the seedlings grow too fast and become weak and elongated.

How do you apply gibberellic acid to plants?

Gibberellic acid can be applied to plants in a variety of ways, from spraying an aqueous form onto the plant, to growing plants in a media containing the hormone, to dipping the plants into a gibberellic acid paste.

What is PGR in Apple farming?

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