Is PHP faster than node JS?

Is PHP faster than node JS?

Speed & Performance As a matter of fact, PHP 7 is twice as fast as its predecessor, PHP 5. But when you compare Node. js and PHP directly, Node. js is much faster than PHP in execution.

Which is better PHP or Nodejs?

When it comes to the execution speed of PHP vs Node. js, the second is faster. If speed is extremely important for your application, e.g. a browser-based multiplayer game or a chat application, Node. js can become a better choice than PHP.

Should I switch from PHP to node js?

TL;DR: usually, PHP works better when it comes to standardized systems based on forms and databases, while Node. js should be your choice if you’re thinking of highly interactive, modern apps working in real time. This is why many developers (PHP devs among them) are seriously considering moving to Node.

Will node js replace PHP?

Is node. js a new language which can replace PHP or it is a language which can/only compliment/supplement PHP and other web languages to perform complex task? Short answer: Yes. You can replace all server-side Php with server-side Javascript.

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