Is no more ply any good?

Is no more ply any good?

No More Ply is an extremely strong cement-based board that is quick and easy to fit. Supporting even the heaviest of tiles, the board creates the perfect tiling surface, preventing potential problems when tiling directly onto plywood or plasterboard. The 6mm board is great for overboarding wooden or concrete floors.

Is no more ply structural?

No, 6mm NoMorePly boards are not structural boards and cannot be installed straight to joists.

Are no more ply boards waterproof?

No More Ply is a unique, easy to lay, water resistant tile backer board that overcomes all the problems of using plywood for overboarding.

Is no more ply good for underfloor heating?

Insulative – No More Ply will act as an insulator so is perfect for laying underfloor heating over.

Does No More Ply need priming?

Does NoMorePly need priming? The 6mm NoMorePly boards come to PrePrimed. This additional feature of the NoMorePly boards provides a dust-free, water-resistant, and clear surface on which to tile. The boards are only primed on the printed side so the boards should always be installed so the primed side is being tiled.

Can you use No More Ply outside?

No More Ply Tongue & Groove Boards can be tiled onto directly, without the need to overboard first, and are compatible with most types of tile adhesives and timber adhesives such a MS polymers, PU Acrylic etc. They are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Can no more ply be used outside?

Does no more ply need priming?

Can you use NoMorePly outside?

Do I need to prime NoMorePly before tiling?

Is no more ply fire resistant?

It is also impervious to moisture and dimensionally stable, the perfect substrate for tiling in bathrooms and kitchens. It is incombustible, which means it will not burn, with a fire rating of A1. No More Ply Tile Backer Board has excellent heat resistance, insulative and noise-reducing properties.

What is no more ply?

About NoMorePly NoMorePly is a tile backing system used to create a perfect foundation on which to tile floors and walls. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms and comes highly recommended by professional tilers.

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