Is my TomTom still supported?

Is my TomTom still supported?

TomTom has made more than 60 Sat Nav models obsolete. These will continue to work as they do today, but the map displayed on-screen will become out-of-date and as such navigation will be less accurate. It says that means “the period of time TomTom supports your device with updates, services, content or accessories.

How do I know which TomTom device I have?

Your TomTom GPS unit has a serial number printed on its box and on the device itself that you can use on the official TomTom website to find the model.

What is the TomTom Start 45m?

The TomTom Start 45M is fully optimized to handle all of the features TomTom has developed and implemented into their car GPS products over the past ten years. The Start 45M gives you Advanced Lane Guidance when you pull up to an intersection or get on the highway.

How do I set up TomTom to plan a route?

If you often make trips to the same destinations, you can set your TomTom device to ask if you want to plan a route to one of these locations every time the device starts. This is faster than planning a route in the normal way. To select a new destination, tap Start-upin the Settings menu and select Ask for a destination.

How do I view the technical information about my TomTom device?

Version infor- mation Tap this button to view technical information about your device, such as your serial number for your device and the version of the main TomTom application. GPS Status Tap this button to see the current status for GPS reception.

What is the operating temperature of my TomTom?

For TomTom approved replacements, go to Operating temperature This device will remain fully operational within the temperature range 14°F / -10°C to 131°F / 55°C. Prolonged exposure to higher or lower temperatures can cause damage to your device and is therefore advised against. Long period storage: -4°F / -20°C to 95°F / 35°C.

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