Is libcurl multithreaded?

Is libcurl multithreaded?

Multi-threading with libcurl libcurl is thread safe but has no internal thread synchronization. You must never share the same handle in multiple threads. You can pass the handles around among threads, but you must never use a single handle from more than one thread at any given time.

What is curl in C?

Client URL, or just curl, is a command-line tool for transferring data using various network protocols. It is commonly used by developers to test various applications build on top of HTTP. That said, curl itself is just a wrapper around libcurl. The library is written in C and has well documented API.

Is curl multi thread safe?

Unfortunately, curl_multi is not, what people these days would deem as “thread safe”. Yes, you can use a CURLM handle in two different threads, as long, as they don’t access it at the same time.

Is PycURL thread safe?

Per libcurl thread safety documentation, libcurl is thread-safe but has no internal thread synchronization. For Python programs using PycURL, this means: Accessing a PycURL object that is involved in an active transfer from Python code outside of a libcurl callback for the PycURL object in question is unsafe.

What is Curl_easy_cleanup?

curl_easy_cleanup kills the handle and all memory associated with it! To close an easy handle that has been used with the multi interface, make sure to call curl_multi_remove_handle first to remove it from the multi handle before it is closed.

What is Curl_easy_perform?

curl_easy_perform performs the entire request in a blocking manner and returns when done, or earlier if it fails.

What is curl and libcurl?

cURL (pronounced like “curl”, /kɜːl/) is a computer software project providing a library (libcurl) and command-line tool (curl) for transferring data using various network protocols. The name stands for “Client URL”, which was first released in 1996.

Does curl use Python?

In this article, Python curl is used for REST API for transferring the data to and from a server. In this, we will see PycURL is a python interface used to fetch the objects from a python program identified by a URL.

Does curl reuse connection?

curl will always try to keep connections alive and reuse existing connections as far as it can.

What is Curl_slist?

curl_slist is the data structure used to represent HTTP headers. curl_slist is a singly linked list that holds strings (hence the name slist, short for string list). struct curl_slist { char *data; struct curl_slist *next; };

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