Is Lancome Magnifique discontinued?

Is Lancome Magnifique discontinued?


What does Lancome Magnifique smell like?

It is perfect for the first spring days because it introduces fresh and sparkling hints of rose, jasmine, saffron, nargamot, exotic spices and woody accords. The fragrance has been available since February 2009.

What does Lancome Idole smell like?

Three talented female perfumers from across the world united to create a sophisticated yet unapologetically modern fresh fragrance with notes of bright citrus, clean rose, spotless jasmine, white musks and vanilla. At the core of this fragrance stands the most noble and iconic perfume ingredient, the rose.

Is Idôle a good perfume?

Idole wouldn’t feel out of place worn to work, around the house, at a wedding or just every day – it’s easygoing and effortlessly pretty. Idole is diaphanous and clean, transparent and golden. It’s a perfume that smells smooth and expertly finished.

What is the newest fragrance by Lancome?

Idôle Aura
Idôle Aura by Lancome is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Idôle Aura was launched in 2021. Idôle Aura was created by Shyamala Maisondieu, Adriana Medina-Baez and Nadege le Garlantezec.

Is Lancome Magnifique a good perfume?

This fragrance had me cringing from the very first spray. Sure, Magnifique is unique, but perhaps Lancome took their new daring approach to making fragrances a little too far this time. I really expected Magnifique to smell magnificent; rich, elegant, powerful and almost regal.

When did Magnifique perfume come out?

Magnifique was launched in 2008. Magnifique was created by Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier. The fragrance features saffron, caraway, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver and cypriol oil or nagarmotha.

What does Lancome rose perfume smell like?

Just I got this perfume yesterday with others perfumes from Lancome and I’m totally amazed, really I like so much in my skin. Initially It smells more spicy (Saffron) but after approximately 20 min. reveals a floral heart of roses very pleasant (bulgarian rose and may rose).

Is Magnifique a good Woodsy scent?

I am a fan of woodsy scents, but alot of woodsy scents seem to have sweet notes or fruity notes in them. The fruit/sweet notes always overpower the woodsy notes in my opinion. This perfume doesn’t have that. I love it. Magnifique is the scent of passionate love. The sensual rose blended with intoxicating jasmine creates an air of romance.

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