Is KSOU degree valid?

Is KSOU degree valid?

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) is recognised by UGC.

How do I get a KSOU certificate?

How it works

  1. Upload the ksou degree certificate.
  2. Edit & sign ksou certificate download from anywhere.
  3. Save your changes and share karnataka state open university certificate verification.

Is KSOU degree valid for UPSC?

So, with your degree from Karnataka State Open University you will be even eligible for UPSC and other government jobs as well as it doesn’t matter whether even if your University is Open University what matters is it should be recognised one.

How do I verify a KSOU certificate?

For this you will have to issue a demand draft in favour of registrar of the said university. The university will then issue verification certificate that will act as a proof that the certificates are genuine. For Karnataka State Open University the amount payable via demand draft (DD) is Rs. 1200/-per certificate.

Is Ksou degree valid in Canada?

As long as the University/Institute or College that you intend to do this diploma for accepts your application and is recognised by the IRCC besides which if you can fund your studies and personal expense while in Canada, you should be good to go.

How do I pay Ksou exam fees online?

The Degree and Post-Graduate students, who have taken admission at Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) for the academic years 2001-02 to 2014-15 and 2018-19 to 2020-21, may pay exam fees online through the Varsity website [] till Aug. 6.

Is KSOU degree valid in Canada?

How do I apply for convocation certificate in Ksou?

The candidate shall sign in all the places where he/she is required to sign. After payment of the prescribed fee (KSOU Examination Fund Challan) the completed application form shall be sent directly to the Registrar (Evaluation), Karnataka State Open University, Mukthagangotri, Mysuru – 570006.

Why KSOU Mysore?

KSOU, Mysore has a long and rich tradition of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) with a view to reach out to the educational aspirants of the socially, economically and geographically marginalized sections of the society.

Is there any digital study material available at KSOU?

From the academic year 2013-14, KSOU is making available all study material in digital form. Register online for digital study material and ensure success. These are reviewed and tested content. Any student of KSOU has the option of choosing the study material in the printed form or the digital form.

What does KSOU do?

Ever since its establishment, KSOU has been pro-actively engaged in fulfilling the national objectives of higher education i.e., to achieve ACCESS, EQUITY, QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Read More…

How can non-KSOU students purchase study material?

Non-KSOU students can also purchase KSOU study material by visiting Even single individual chapters can be purchased. Even KSOU students who opted for printed material can purchase digital version of their subject or any other subject from KSOU or any other publisher by visiting

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