Is Koji Wada dead?

Is Koji Wada dead?

Deceased (1974–2016)
Kōji Wada/Living or Deceased

What happened Koji Wada?

On April 3, 2016, Wada died suddenly from complications related to nasopharynx cancer. His last single, “Seven〜tri. Version〜”, was released only five days prior to his death.

How old was Koji Wada when he died?

42 years (1974–2016)
Kōji Wada/Age at death

Who made Digimon theme song?

Paul Gordon
Digimon Theme/Artists

Which is better Digimon or Pokemon?

Which is better, Pokémon or Digimon? It’s an argument that has raged in fan circles since both shows debuted, but we all know the real answer: Digimon is better. It’s a simple, scientific fact. Pokémon may have been running nonstop since its debut, but Digimon has done way more with fewer titles.

Who sang Digimon butterfly?

Kōji Wada

Who is the strongest DigiDestined?

10 Strongest Digimon In The Original Anime, Ranked

  1. 1 Apocalymon Was Powerful Enough To Erase All The DigiDestined’s Digimon.
  2. 2 Piedmon Was The Most Powerful Member Of The Dark Masters And Defeated All The DigiDestined.
  3. 3 MagnaAngemon Was Responsible For Restoring The DigiDestined To Normal After Piedmon Defeated Them.

Who would win 1 billion Lions or all Pokémon?

There is not unlimited power there, and certainly not enough to kill a billion lions before running out of moves. Pokemon win this 10/10 times. Even without legendaries, pokemon are too strong. Kyogre, Groudon, or Rayquaza could easily solo them alone.

Who is the most evil Digimon?

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest villains in the Digimon universe.

  1. 1 Myotismon. This charismatic vampire immediately became a fan-favorite villain, and one of the most difficult foes for the DigiDestined to defeat.
  2. 2 The Digimon Emperor.
  3. 3 Arukenimon.
  4. 4 BlackWarGreymon.
  5. 5 Piedmon.
  6. 6 AxeKnightmon.
  7. 7 Dr.
  8. 8 D-Reaper.

Who would win lions sun?

If you arranged a fight between the sun and enough lions to match the sun in mass (333,060 times the mass of the Earth in lions) the sun will still undoubtedly win. But the sun would have a major problem after this encounter.

What is better Digimon or Pokémon?

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