Is it OK to store clothes in attic?

Is it OK to store clothes in attic?

The best conditions for clothing storage are cool, dark, and dry. Depending on your climate, the attic or garage may not be the best option because of extreme heat. If you’re using a basement, make sure it’s not prone to flooding or excessive moisture.

What is the best way to store clothes in the attic?

Ideally, keep difficult to place items in the attic under tarps. Take clothing, shoes, or small items and wrap them in layers of plastic, or use boxes with snug-fitting lids to keep unwanted elements out.

Can clothes get moldy in the attic?

Attic Moisture Moisture in the attic can be caused from insufficient attic insulation. Moisture vapor then settles into fabrics, thus promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Whether it’s clothes or furniture, mildew will destroy your items, forcing you to toss them out.

Is the attic too hot for storage?

You never want to store temperature-sensitive possessions like photo albums in your attic. The high heat and humidity will ruin the photos and similar items such as posters and paintings.

Is it OK to store clothes in plastic containers?

The best way to store clothes in storage is to place all your clothes in plastic containers with clip-on lids. These will protect your clothes from moisture, dust, mould and mildew. Make sure you give your plastic containers a good clean and dry them thoroughly before you place any clothes inside.

Do clothes get ruined in the attic?

Remember, clothing items you truly care about must ideally never go into the attic, since heat is a concern here. Moreover, attics are particularly sensitive to harsh environmental conditions, dust, mites etc. An attic is hard to seal, due to ventilation issues.

Does vacuum packing clothes stop mould?

Vacuum bags are the ultimate storage solution for soft materials and soft furnishings including out-of-season clothes, old linens and even stuffed toys. Vacuum bags are easy to use – they draw air out of the bag to save on space, and make it more difficult for mould spores to breed.

Is it safe to put cardboard boxes in the attic?

Cardboard Boxes Those cardboard boxes stacked up in your attic could become a veritable buffet for mice and bugs if you’re not careful. “Pests are attracted to the cardboard and to the glue used in construction of the box,” says Santoro. “Boxes also break down and disintegrate, which will attract pests even more.”

Can a hot attic cause a fire?

Heating Elements As heat rises, attics are already hot places, especially in the summer when the temperature outside skyrockets. Your heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) may become overheated and catch fire because of the excessive heat.

What is the average attic temperature?

Ideally, your attic should not exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Problems related to attics hotter than 130 degrees: It will make it harder to cool your home in the summer.

What are the best storage containers for clothes?

One of the best storage containers is an unused suitcase that has been thoroughly cleaned. Line containers with acid-free tissue. It may be possible to pack the clothes in plastic storage containers although trapped moisture can be an issue depending on the storage conditions.

What to store in your attic and basement?

Unused pots and pans

  • Ceramic dishes
  • Luggage
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Items that are not as important or aren’t used as frequently
  • How do I store clothes with no closet?

    Use a Combination of Dressers,Rods,and Shelves.

  • Contain Clothes Storage With a Curtain.
  • Employ Clothing Racks.
  • Put Baskets Under the Bed.
  • Install Pipes as Closet Rods.
  • Try Racks at Different Heights.
  • Add Clothes Storage Behind the Bed.
  • Cut Down on Visual Clutter With White Walls.
  • Hang a Shelf Near the Ceiling.
  • How do you keep clothes fresh in storage?

    Before you pack your garments away, take the time to safeguard your storage area from bad smells. Your clothes and your nose will thank you. Launder all clothes before storing them to remove odor-causing food particles, stains and other debris. To remove stubborn odors, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the laundry load.

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