Is it better to exchange money in Bali?

Is it better to exchange money in Bali?

You will get a much better exchange rate in Bali rather than in your home country. We usually recommend waiting until you arrive in Bali to get your rupiah. Money changers in Bali can and will exchange all major currencies. In most cases there is no need to bring any other currency other than your own.

Where can I change money in Ubud?

Dirgahayu Valuta Prima is one of the original pioneer money exchanges in Bali. In Ubud, there are three offices, at the corner of the Monkey Forest, in IB Manik street, and in the Wenara Wana Street. The rate in Dirgahayu Valuta Prima is usually slightly higher than what the BMC and Central Kuta money exchanges offer.

Where can I change money in Bali?

List Of Best Place To Change Money In Bali

  1. Central Kuta Money Exchange. Central Kuta money changes is an authorized money changer in Bali establish since 1985. Also, Central Kuta money exchange is one of the most recognize money changers in Bali.
  3. PT. Bali Maspintjinra – BMC Money Changer.

Where is the best exchange rate in Bali?

Dirgahayu Valuta Prima, otherwise known as Bali Best Rate, has been around since 1984 and has opened branches in Kuta, Sanur; Ubud and one near Tanah Lot Temple. They’ll usually ask for your valid passport or ID for each transaction at their branches.

Can I use USD in Bali?

Are US Dollars accepted in Bali? US dollars are not generally accepted at Balinese businesses. Some larger hotels and tour operators may accept US Dollars as payment but the exchange rate will be terrible, so I don’t recommend using them to exchange your foreign currency if it can be helped.

How much cash can you bring to Bali?

How Much Cash Should I Carry To Bali? Indonesia does have restrictions on how much money you can carry in and out of the country. Bali is part of Indonesia this also applies to Bali. The max you can carry into Bali is $7,500 USD and the same amount when leaving.

Where can I get cash in Bali?

ATM Machines ATMs are easily found in Bali’s most populated areas and most accept international cards and credit cards for cash withdrawals. Debit cards are accepted by some ATMs on the Maestro and Cirrus networks.

What currency do you use in Bali?

The Rupiah comes in notes of 1000, meaning you will most often be dealing with amounts of 10,000 on your travels in Bali – which can get confusing! Coins do exist and are in circulation in Indonesia, but they are not commonly used. Denominations of coins are 25, 50,100, 200, 500 and 1,000.

How much cash should you take to Bali?

For spending money we recommend bringing the following, based on your travel budget: Low-cost: IDR200,000 ($19) per person, per day if you plan to eat local and take public transport. Mid-range: IDR530,000 ($50) per person, per day if you plan to dine in restaurants and hire a car or take private transport.

How much money do I need for Bali for a week?

Well, that depends on several factors including where in Bali you want to go, your travel style, and what your plans are. Bali may be a small island, but there is plenty to see and do….Bali trip cost for one week.

Estimated Costs
Food and drink $175 ($25 X 6 7 days)
Random spending $100
Total $1,725 USD

Where to change money in Bali?

Number three on the best place to change money in Bali is BMC money changer also known as PT. Bali Maspintjinra. BMC money changer established on January 12, 1993, and until now BMC money changer knew as one of the recommended authorized money changers in Bali. Also, BMC money changer has many branches all over South Bali.

Where is the BMC money changer in Kuta Bali?

The head office of BMC money changer location is at Jalan Raya Seminyak No 16 a, Kuta-Bali. However, the busiest is branch based in Kerobokan. BMC Money Changer Banjar Taman Kerobokan Bali.

What is Bali currency called?

However, if you have known what Bali currency called, please scroll down until you find the best money to take to Bali. Bali Island is one of the Provinces in Indonesia, and all the official monetary in Bali controlled by Indonesian central bank which is called Bank Indonesia.

Where can I exchange money in Kuta?

Also, Central Kuta money exchange, offering updated and better exchange rate, no commission with security services. You can find Central Kuta Money changer branch at Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Denpasar, Ubud, Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak.

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