Is Ice-Watch waterproof?

Is Ice-Watch waterproof?

Ice-Watch ensures all their watches are waterproof before they leave the Ice-Watch factory. All good quality watches are waterproof to perspiration. Ice Watch have recently upgraded their watch casing to ice-ramic, ensuring all the latest Ice Watch models to be water resitant up to 10 ATM.

Is Ice-Watch Swiss made?

Ice-Watch has made a move into the Swiss watch market with its first ever collection of Swiss-made timepieces. The brand is continuing to make waves in the UK market. …

Who makes Ice-Watch?

Jean-Pierre Lutgen
Ice-Watch is an international watch brand created in 2007 by Belgian entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Lutgen, based on the concept of “Change. You can”. The Ice-Watch brand is distributed in 110 countries in over 12,000 points of sale.

What is the purpose of ice watch?

The purpose of Ice Watch London, a collaboration with award-winning Greenlandic geologist Minik Rosing, is to bring the effects of climate change closer to home, putting people in direct contact with its effects so that they can feel – and even sniff and lick – the ice as it slowly melts away.

Can I swim with my Ice-Watch?

However, we advise you not to expose your watch to water for too long and/or too often. The ATM indicates the possible levels of waterproofness for a watch. Waterproofness: Perspiration.

Where is Ice-Watch from?

It is said that a tree can be judged by its roots: they remain firmly planted in Belgium thanks to the efforts of the Ice-Watch brand’s founder and CEO, Jean-Pierre Lutgen.

Where is ICE-watch from?

What country is ice-watch from?

Is ice-watch famous?

Europa Star talked to the CEO of Ice-Watch, Jean-Pierre Lutgen, about his company’s rapid rise to the top of the tree. Europa Star: You sold over 2 million watches by the end of 2010. How do last year’s figures compare with that?

When was ice watch made?

ICE-WATCH, the succes story Created by the Belgian Jean-Pierre Lutgen, end of 2006, and distributed on the world market since 2007, the ICE-WATCH watch, international, intercultural and intergenerational, has established itself as a must have accessory to wear and offer.

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