Is harvestore silo still in business?

Is harvestore silo still in business?

HARVESTORE silos that are over 65 years old are still performing today. Haylage only comes from a HARVESTORE®!

How much does a harvestore silo cost?

A new 25- by 90-foot Harvestore can cost around $175,000 and an unloader around $35,000, so they remain a significant investment to its buyer.

What happened to harvestore silos?

Walter Grotte started moving Harvestore silos, the big, blue silos that still dot the landscape in farm country, in the 1980s, when many farmers were hit with hard times and could no longer afford the feed systems. But even though Grotte’s Mighty Mover took some Harvestores away, the silos have never gone away.

Why are silos no longer used?

Silos are rarely erected today. Farmers are looking for faster feeding and environmentally beneficial storage methods. They are moving towards bunker silos or flat storage rather than tower storage. The long, white bags you see snaking along near cow barns are filled with nutritious mix of feed.

When was the first harvestore silo built?

He wasn’t an adult but grew up working the farm. From left to right – the first two were built in 1960 the next three in 1961 and the last blue silo was built in 1980. The five Harvestores that stand together were originally built in 1960 and 1961 and were 50 ft.

How tall is a harvestore silo?

A firm foundation is most important when beginning to build a Harvestore silo. Our tallest at 110 feet required a large circular hole to be excavated and filled with yards of concrete. The top of this concrete becomes the floor of the Harvestore.

What happens if you fall into a grain silo?

Pressure: The heavyweight of grain bins Safety officials say one foot of grain over an individual provides about 300 pounds of pressure. These gases can also result in a worker passing out and falling into the grain and becoming engulfed, often resulting in death by suffocation.

What are the Blue silos?

HARVESTORES, THE royal blue silos that began appearing on New York dairy farms in 1961, used to be called the Cadillac of silos. They are handsome and costly, and their glass-lined interiors were touted as capable of doing great things for a dairy farmer’s stored winter feed.

What is a silo unloader?

“It gives you the unloading capacity of a bunker silo while maintaining conventional silo feed quality.” Bottom-unloading silos remove feed from the bottom of the silo, which means the weight of the entire feed column is bearing down on the unloader components.

How long does grain last in a silo?

According to Hood, grain can be stored safely for up to 18 months at 15.5% moisture or less.

Why are farmers tearing down silos?

That’s why today, many modern farms are moving to more efficient and environmentally-beneficial storage methods such as bunker silos and silage bags – the long, white bags you see snaking along near the cow barns. These bags are filled with a nutritious mix of feed and allow for easy removal and less spoilage.

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