Is GTL Infra a good buy?

Is GTL Infra a good buy?

GTL Infrastructure Limited (NSE: GTLINFRA) As on 4th Feb 2022 GTLINFRA Share Price closed @ 2.00 and we RECOMMEND Buy for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 1.48 & Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 1.95 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.

Why is GTL Infra going down?

Shares of telecom infrastructure firm GTL fell for the seventh day today closing down by over 6 per cent due to heavy selling on the Bombay Stock Exchange. During the day, GTL crashed by 19.78 per cent to hit a one-year low of Rs 93.05 on BSE.

What happened GTL Infrastructure?

GTL Infrastructure hit a lower circuit limit of 5% at Rs 2.06 on profit selling after recent steep surge. GTL Infrastructure reported net loss of Rs 207.02 crore in Q2 September 2021 as against net loss of Rs 171.95 crore in Q2 September 2020.

Who will buy GTL Infra?

Aircel in move to buy GTL Infrastructure’s . 5 billion tower company.

Who owns GTL Infra?

Incorporated in 2004, under the Founder, Chairman, Manoj G Tirodkar, GTL Infra introduced the shared Infrastructure space. For FY 2016–17, GTL Infra registered revenue of Rs.

Will Jio buy GTL Infra?

GTL Infrastructure shares rally 5 per cent on tower deal with Reliance Jio Infocomm. RJIL yesterday signed a master services agreement for tower sharing with GTL Infrastructure which has a base of 27,800 towers across the country.

Who will buy GTL Infrastructure?

Who invested in GTL Infra?

4,999 Crores (USD 1.24 Bn) for the project, from international and domestic banks, and financial institutions. -GTL Infrastructure Ltd (GIL) will sign a multi-million dollar deal with Sweden’s telecom giant Ericsson to implement the latter’s turnkey project in Britain.

Is Reliance Jio buy GTL Infra?

Is GTL Infra in ASM list?

NEW DELHI: NSE has added Religare Enterprises, Vipul and Binani Industries to the list of stocks under short-term additional surveillance measure (ASM) framework. Other stocks included in the list are Zee Learn, Siti Networks, GTL Infra and Sri Adhikari Brpothers Television.

Is GTL Infra a debt free company?

GTL Infra has completed its first step in the SDR process last week. This includes reducing debt of its combined tower companies (GTL Infra and CNIL) to a sustainable level of ₹4,800 crore, including proposed restructured amount of bonds.

What is business of GTL Infra?

GTL Infrastructure Ltd. (GTL Infra), is a pioneer in the Shared Passive Telecom Infrastructure in India. We deploy, own and manage telecom towers and communication structures that are shared by the Wireless Telecom Operators.

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