Is Gliffy free to use?

Is Gliffy free to use?

About Gliffy Online For free trial accounts, sharing features are disabled. Use Gliffy Online to create professional diagrams, charts, and wireframes in just a few clicks. Start sharing and capturing ideas of all sizes with this online diagramming tool. Use drag-and-drop shapes or ready-made templates.

Is free? online is a free-to-use web application with no premium paid-for functionality, watermarking, or other limitations. To use with Atlassian Confluence and JIRA, monthly or annual fees apply.

Is Gliffy open source?

The best free alternative to Gliffy is, which is also Open Source. Other interesting free alternatives to Gliffy are Pencil Project (Free, Open Source), yEd Graph Editor (Free), Dia (Free, Open Source) and PlantUML (Free, Open Source). …

What can you do with Gliffy?

With over 16 million users and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Gliffy Online lets users draw flowcharts online, create org charts, and collaborate with their team. Whether you’re a single user, a team of ten, or looking for an enterprise diagramming tool for your organization, Gliffy has your back.

Is Gliffy free with Confluence?

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace to activate your free trial of Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence or Gliffy Diagrams for Jira.

How do I cancel my Gliffy subscription?

If you don’t want to renew or no longer want to use Gliffy Online, you can cancel a paid account by emailing [email protected] Include your account ID and mention whether you would like your account canceled or if you would like your account deleted.

Is Free 2020?

As mentioned, is completely free to use. There is no option for a paid account with extra features or anything of the sort. It’s available as a Web service and can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for storage.

Is owned by Google?

The apps are owned by, a Germany consultancy that specializes in Atlassian and Google Cloud. The apps are developed by the team who build the open-source editor that is used in

Is Gliffy collaborative?

Gliffy is a powerful communication tool for teams, but sometimes you need input from someone outside your group or organization. Because we’re all about sharing, we’ve made it possible to collaborate with anyone even if they don’t have a Gliffy account.

Is Gliffy a collaborative tool?

Is Gliffy part of Confluence?

With Gliffy, the text included in your diagrams is fully searchable and securely managed within Confluence, making it even easier to find information fast. Your team can trust diagrams as an accessible source of truth.

How do I add Gliffy to Confluence?

Adding diagrams to a Confluence page

  1. From an existing page that you are currently editing, click Insert more content > Gliffy Diagram.
  2. To start a new blank Confluence page with a Gliffy diagram, next to Create, click (Create from template) and then choose Gliffy Diagram.

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