Is Getac Panasonic?

Is Getac Panasonic?

When it comes to rugged laptops, two brands lead the way – Panasonic with their Toughbook range and Getac. Getac, founded in 1989, have emerged as leaders in the rugged laptop industry thanks to their durable devices that offer solutions for professionals working in extreme environments.

What is ruggedized laptop?

A portable computer designed for hazardous duty such as found in police, fire, military and industrial applications. Commanding a price premium, they are essential in harsh environments but also advantageous in the everyday world where laptops are often dropped and damaged. Semi-Rugged vs. Fully Rugged.

Who makes Getac laptops?

the MiTAC-Synnex Group
Getac is one of the key subsidiaries of the MiTAC-Synnex Group, the third-largest computing group in Taiwan, with US$41.3 Billion in Revenues (2020). Our products have passed stringent international rugged testing standards for rough handling and outdoor mobility.

When would a ruggedized device be used?

They can be used in the field to write reports, send email, search for information on the internet, connect to other operational and peripheral equipment, take photos, and much more. 2. Rugged devices are built for tough working environments while maintaining a great standard of operability.

What are ruggedized devices?

Ruggedized devices are devices that are designed to withstand much more physical abuse than conventional devices and range from semirugged to ultrarugged. These devices are usually used for consumers whose needs for protection aren’t met with just a regular protective case.

What does Getac stand for?

EMS and Trauma Advisory Council
Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC)

Is Getac waterproof?

Waterproof USB interface dongle combines a conformably molded USB plug that permanently installs in the side of the F110 with a waterproof circular receptacle that can be used either with a commercial USB type A plug or a waterproof IP67 USB type A plug.

What is the definition of ruggedized?

Definition of ruggedize transitive verb. : to strengthen (something, such as a machine) for better resistance to wear, stress, and abuse a ruggedized camera.

What are rugged laptops used for?

A ruggedized laptop is built to operate reliably in dusty or wet environments and conditions. These computers have a thicker and stronger housing than a regular laptop, and are mainly used for industrial, construction and military purposes.

How long has Getac been in the rugged market?

For the last 30 years, Getac Technology Corporation has been making rugged hardware devices for a wide range of vertical markets including military and defense, law enforcement, public safety, emergency services, utility, field services, oil and gas, telecommunications, transportation and industrial manufacturing.

How do I charge my Getac tablet?

Plug the DC cord of the AC adapter to the power connector of the Tablet PC (➊). 2. Plug the female end of the AC power cord to the AC adapter and the male end to an electrical outlet (➋).

What is the synonym of rugged?

well built, burly, strong, big and strong, muscular, muscly, brawny, strapping, chunky, husky, broad-shouldered, powerfully built, muscle-bound. tough, hardy, robust, sturdy, vigorous, hale and hearty, lusty, solid, mighty. informal hunky, beefy, hulking, ripped, shredded. North American informal buff.

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