Is FirstEnergy the same as JCP&L?

Is FirstEnergy the same as JCP&L?

MORRISTOWN, N.J., June 2, 2021 — Jersey Central Power and Light, (JCP&L), a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE), will launch a broad selection of energy efficiency programs this summer to help customers save energy, reduce bills and protect the environment.

Where is FirstEnergy Incorporated?

Akron, Ohio
FirstEnergy Corp is an electric utility headquartered in Akron, Ohio….FirstEnergy.

Type Public
Headquarters Akron, Ohio, U.S.

What is penelec phone number?

1 (800) 545-7741

What is FirstEnergy called now?

COLUMBUS, Ohio—FirstEnergy Solutions, the Akron-based coal and nuclear power generating company, announced Thursday it has successfully emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and become Energy Harbor Corp.

How do I contact JCP&L?

Customers are able to complete the following tasks automatically through our Interactive Voice Response System using keywords….Phone.

Operating Company Contact Number
West Penn Power 1-800-686-0021
Jersey Central Power & Light 1-800-662-3115
Mon Power 1-800-686-0022
Potomac Edison 1-800-686-0011

How much does JCP&L charge per kWh?

This default rate is provided by JCP&L so you can compare suppliers’ prices per kWh. The JCPL price to compare is 9.73076 cents/kWh.

Is Energy Harbor part of FirstEnergy?

In March, FirstEnergy Solutions became a separate company called Energy Harbor, which currently owns the plants.

Do I qualify for PCAP?

You are eligible for PCAP if you have a household income at or below 150% of the Federal poverty income guidelines (click here to view a table with the Federal poverty income guidelines). Your electric bills consume too much of your income. You reside in the household if your name is on the account.

How do I talk to someone at Mon Power?

Contact Center

  1. Phone Numbers. Talk to a Customer Service Representative, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  2. Email (Contact Us) Send us an email using our online form for general inquires only.
  3. Report Outages. Notify us of an outage by submitting an outage online, calling 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or two-way texting.

Does JCP&L have a budget plan?

We offer an Average Payment Plan (APP) option as a convenience to Mon Power and Potomac Edison residential customers who wish to level out their bill payments. This plan gives you more control of your monthly household budget.

Does JCP&L provide gas?

JCPL is the largest provider of gas and electric service, servicing 1.8 million gas customers and 2.2 million electric customers in more than 300 urban, suburban and rural communities, including New Jersey’s six largest cities.

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