Is Cigna and Cigna-HealthSpring the same?

Is Cigna and Cigna-HealthSpring the same?

You may have heard the news: On January 31, 2012, Cigna acquired HealthSpring, Inc. As part of Cigna, HealthSpring will be better positioned for continued growth and leadership in the Medicare Advantage industry.

Does Cigna-HealthSpring still exist?

On January 1, 2021, our plan name will change from Cigna-HealthSpring Primary (HMO) to Cigna Primary Medicare (HMO). Members of our plan will receive a new Member ID card in the mail by December 31, 2020. All new member communications you receive for 2021 will reflect your new plan name.

What kind of insurance is Cigna-HealthSpring?

Cigna‑HealthSpring Advantage (HMO) is a Medicare Advantage HMO Plan (HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization) approved by Medicare and run by a private company.

How do I contact Cigna-HealthSpring?

Just call Cigna Customer Service. The toll-free number is 1 (800) Cigna24 (1 (800) 244-6224). Product details for Cigna Individual and Family Medical and Dental plans vary based on the plan.

How do I check my eligibility for Cigna-HealthSpring?

There are three ways to verify eligibility for a Cigna-HealthSpring STAR+PLUS Member.

  1. Speak to a Cigna-HealthSpring Representative:
  2. Use Cigna-HealthSpring’s Automated Eligibility Verification Line by calling 1 (866) 467-3126.
  3. Verify eligibility online using Cigna-HealthSpring’s Provider Portal .

Is HealthSpring a Medicare replacement?

Cigna-HealthSpring is contracted with Medicare for PDP plans, HMO and PPO plans in select states, and with select State Medicaid programs. Enrollment in Cigna-HealthSpring depends on contract renewal. Learn more about Cigna-HealthSpring: Corporate Website.

Does Cigna-HealthSpring requirements authorization?

Cigna-HealthSpring Prior Authorization (PA) Policy PCP’s or referring health care professionals should OBTAIN Prior Authorization BEFORE services requiring Prior Authorizations are rendered.

What is Cigna-HealthSpring HMO?

Cigna-HealthSpring Preferred (HMO) has a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other providers. If you use the providers that are not in our network, the plan may not pay for these services. You must generally use network pharmacies to fill your prescriptions for covered Part D drugs. >

Where is Cigna HealthSpring headquarters?

Bloomfield, CTCigna / Headquarters

What is Cigna-HealthSpring Preferred HMO?

Does Cigna-HealthSpring require referrals 2021?

If a customer is in an active course of treatment with a Specialist at the time of enrollment, Cigna-HealthSpring will evaluate requests for continuity of care. A PCP referral is not required, but an authorization must be obtained from Cigna-HealthSpring’s Prior Authorization Department.

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