Is Cartier Santos 100 worth buying?

Is Cartier Santos 100 worth buying?

The Cartier Santos 100 is an amazing watch design to show to anyone. In 2018, the company launched a second version of the watch that featured a lot of improvements in the overall design. In our opinion, if you can afford it then it is definitely a watch worth buying!

How can I tell if my Cartier Santos 100 is real?

The real movement is well fitted in the case while the fake one does not. There are clear Cartier markings on the original while the fake shows different markings. You can also notice that the wires in the fake watch are lightly coated while on the right they are well coated to prevent erosion.

Are Cartier Santos waterproof?

The seven-sided crown is set with a faceted synthetic blue spinel. It’s of the screw-down variety. This helps give the Cartier Santos a water-resistance rating of 100m (330ft).

Do Cartier watches have batteries?

The battery in your watch has been replaced. The Battery Service enables you to have the battery of your quartz movement watch replaced. This service is recommended to be carried out every two to three years.

Is Cartier bracelet a good investment?

At the top of the list, Cartier’s iconic Juste un Clou bracelets are the best jewelry investment that well-informed buyers can make right now. They’re extremely in demand and hold approximately 106% of their value.

How can you tell a fake Cartier Santos?

A Cartier Santos will feature a finely engraved trademark deep enough into the back plate. Look for possible discrepancies in the ‘Cartier’, an inconsistent C or the lack of a straight-line orientation of the letters. These sets of words – “Water Resistant, Swiss Made, and OR 750/Acier” are found under each other.

What is the cartcartier Santos 100?

Cartier introduced the Santos 100 in honor of the Santos’ 100th anniversary in 2004. A century earlier, the original Santos had made watchmaking history as the world’s first pilot’s watch. The Santos 100 stands out due to its size. At 51 x 41 mm, it has a much heftier and more masculine feel than its sister models.

What kind of calibers do Santos 100 watches use?

Most Santos 100 watches use automatic calibers from ebauché movement manufacturer ETA. Beginning in 2010, Cartier also outfitted various models with in-house calibers. Fans of quartz watches will also find several options to choose from.

How much does a Santos 100 chronograph XL cost?

The black dial and rose gold Roman numerals and subdials perfectly round off the entire look. Unworn, this version of the Santos 100 Chronograph XL sells for about 23,400 USD. The standard size for the Santos is about 45 x 35 mm. A pre-owned yellow gold version costs around 11,700 USD.

How much does a Santos 100 XL Tourbillon cost?

Prices for a Santos 100 XL Tourbillon vary greatly depending on the exact model and its condition. For example, you can purchase a mint-condition ref. W2020019 in rose gold for as little as 63,000 USD. The same watch sells for about 41,500 USD used.

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