Is Bunnahabhain a good scotch?

Is Bunnahabhain a good scotch?

Bunnahabhain has a reputation as the mildest and most mellow of Islay malts. This has always seemed a little misleading to me however, for even though the spirit is largely unpeated, it remains a malt of great character and robust flavour, forged through a unique marriage of sherry and salty sea air.

What region is Bunnahabhain?

(Region: Islay, Location: Port Askaig, Islay) Situated on the north side of the island of Islay near Port Askaig, Bunnahabhain is pronounced bu-na-ha-venn. Bunnahabhain is derived from the Scottish Gaelic Bun na h-Abhainn meaning ‘mouth of the river’.

Is Bunnahabhain an Islay whisky?

The malt supplied to Bunnahabhain requires to be at levels of 3 p.p.m. Bunnahabhain is one of the milder Islay whiskies available and in its taste varies greatly from other fine spirits to be found on the island.

Which Bunnahabhain is best?

Highest rated whiskies with > 3 votes

  • 93.10. Bunnahabhain 40-year-old.
  • 93.08. Bunnahabhain 1968.
  • 92.86. Bunnahabhain 1966.
  • 92.73. Bunnahabhain 1968 MoS.
  • 92.60. Bunnahabhain 1960 DL.

Is Bunnahabhain 12 sherry?

The Bunnahabhain 12 consists of a blend of 25%, mostly 2nd fill, sherry cask and 75% ex-bourbon barrel matured whiskies. A fully sherry cask matured 12 YO expression would be an outstanding addition to the Bunnahabhain core range.

Is Bunnahabhain 12 Smokey?

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old which is carefully distilled at Bunnahabhain is adored for its smoky, sherry, vanilla sweetness and fruit flavor notes.

What is Bunnahabhain known for?

Whilst Islay is known for its peated whisky, Bunnahabhain stands apart with its signature unpeated style. With the tallest stills on the island and the only distillery to use water from a natural spring, Bunnahabhain is known for its sherried, delicate, complex and unpeated single malt.

What is Bunnahabhain most known for?

The Bunnahabhain distillery is unusual among its Islay distilling brethren. Notably, for the last fifty-odd years, it has specialized in producing unpeated whiskies rather than the “peat monsters” that Islay’s other distilleries have become world famous for crafting.

Is Bunnahabhain collectable?

A very rare and near impossible bottle to find bottle from the old Highland Distilleries Company.

Is Bunnahabhain a peaty Whisky?

Bunnahabhain is a Scottish distillery that lies on the north-eastern tip of Islay, just north of Caol Ila. The reason for this is that Bunnahabhain apparently doesn’t use peated malt for its core line.

Is Bunnahabhain a peaty whisky?

Is Bunnahabhain 12 Unpeated?

12 Year Old | Core Range | Unpeated whisky | Bunnahabhain Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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