Is Budoy autistic?

Is Budoy autistic?

First of all, Budoy, an autistic child with flashes of genius, is not like your saintly Santino or your poor, exploited and oppressed Agua (of Agua Bendita). So, Budoy grows up in the care of Elena (Janice de Belen).

What does Budoy mean in Filipino?

All throughout the story of his life, Budoy was being – B-U-D-O-Y (Brave, Understanding, Dedicated, Obedient and Youthful).

What is the sickness of Budoy?

Budoy’s birth is a family blessing, but later on turns into the family in shame when they discover that Budoy is suffering from Angelman syndrome, which delays his intellectual development.

Where can I watch Budoy?

Revisit the wonderful and stirring journey of Budoy by binge-watching it on YouTube Super Stream for free for a limited time only!

How old is Gerald Anderson?

32 years (March 7, 1989)
Gerald Anderson/Age

Is Gerald Anderson full Filipino?

(born March 7, 1989) is a Filipino-American actor….

Gerald Anderson
Anderson in 2014
Born March 7, 1989 Subic, Zambales, Philippines
Nationality Filipino – American
Education Spring Creek Academy, Texas

Who is the father of Gerald Anderson?

Gerald Randy Anderson, Sr.
Gerald Anderson/Fathers

How old is Xian?

32 years (July 12, 1989)
Xian Lim/Age

Who is the mother of Gerald Anderson?

Evangeline Opsima
Gerald Anderson/Mothers

Where is Gerald Anderson father?

His father is an American instructor in the Subic Naval Base who travels back and forth between the United States and Zambales while his mother is a Filipina businesswoman from General Santos City, Philippines.

What is the height of Xian Lim?

6′ 2″
Xian Lim/Height

Who is Xian Lim mother?

Mary Anne Cruz Lim
Xian Lim/Mothers

Who are the actors in the movie Budoy?

Budoy: With Gerald Anderson, Jessy Mendiola, Enrique Gil, Tirso Cruz III. Menu Movies Release CalendarDVD & Blu-ray ReleasesTop 250 MoviesMost Popular MoviesBrowse Movies by GenreTop Box OfficeShowtimes & TicketsIn TheatersComing SoonMovie NewsIndia Movie Spotlight

Who are the actors in the TV series helpbudoy listen?

Budoy listen (help·info) is a Philippine drama television series broadcast by ABS-CBN . It tackles the story of Budoy, who is mentally challenged, and his family, relationships and social issues. It topbills Gerald Anderson, Jessy Mendiola and Enrique Gil.

What was the rating of sign in Budoy TV series?

Sign In Budoy TV Series 2011–20122011–2012 IMDb RATING 6.8/10 18 YOUR RATING Rate Episode guide Cast & crew User reviews IMDbPro All topicsAll topics

Who is the real Budoy in the story?

The real Budoy is taken care of by Elena, who treats him as her own and showers him with love and affection. He grows up to become a warm and cheerful young man. But society is not as friendly; because all throughout his growing years, Budoy had to endure society’s ridicule and mockery.

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