Is BS4 fuel available after 2020?

Is BS4 fuel available after 2020?

The auto industry will have to dispose of its entire BS4 stock before the SC deadline of April 2020. Getty Images Users of petrol cars have little to worry about compliance as there is very little difference between BS4 and BS6 fuels. However, the same isn’t the case with diesel vehicles.

Will BS6 reduce power?

BS6 diesels will release less particulate matter (PM) upon combustion. Studies suggest that a BS4 compliant diesel vehicle running on BS6 fuel could cut down PM emissions in half. Conversely, a reduction in suplhur content can lower the energy content of the fuel, bringing down the fuel efficiency, however marginally.

Will BS6 increase mileage?

Yes. In layman terms, a BS6-compliant engine will be more restricted in comparison and will thereby result in a minor drop in power and efficiency. For example, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire with the 1.2-litre BS6-compliant petrol engine is claimed to return 21.21 kmpl.

What is BS6 vehicle?

BS6 emission standard is the sixth emission norm in the sequence in terms of reducing pollution as compared to retiring the BS4 emission standard. BS4 and BS6 are the assigned emission norms that set the maximum allowable levels of pollutant releases from a motor vehicle engine exhaust.

What will happen to BS4 vehicles after 2020?

BS4 vehicles purchased till March 2020 to be valid: All BS4 cars purchased will be allowed to run as long as they were bought before or till March 2020. Scrappage policy coming soon: Near the end of July 2019, the government had proposed a scrappage scheme for vehicles older than 15 years.

Is BS6 mandatory?

The central government has mandated that vehicle makers must manufacture, sell and register only BS-VI (BS6) vehicles from April 1, 2020. The first emission norms were introduced in India in 1991 for petrol and in 1992 for diesel vehicles.

Can I use BS6 fuel in BS4 engine?

BS6 fuel will contain lower sulphur content. 10 mg/kg sulphur vis-a-vis 50 mg/kg sulphur in BS4. A BS4 petrol vehicle can run on BS6 fuel with no problems whatsoever.

Can BS6 engine run on BS4 fuel?

Can BS6 vehicles run on BS4 fuel? The BS6-compliant petrol cars will optimally run on BS6 fuel. That said, the new petrol engines can also run safely on BS4 fuel. Currently, BS6 petrol is available only in Agra and Delhi NCR regions.

Why is BS6 important?

Under the BS6 norm, the limit of pollution has been drastically reduced. While the norm for NOx from diesel vehicles in BS4 is at 250mg/km, it is reduced to 80mg/km in BS6 emission norms. Sulphur and nitrogen oxide plays an important role in petrol and diesel. Compared to the BS4, the BS6 fuel has less sulphur and NOx.

How do I know if my engine is BS4 or BS6?

Here Is How You Can Check Yourself If Your Car Is BS4 Or BS6

  1. Check The Registration Certificate.
  2. Check RTO Form 21.
  3. Check The Manufacturing Date.
  4. Last But A Bit Difficult – Decode The VIN Number For Manufacturing Year.

Does BS6 engine need pollution certificate?

Form the day vehicles are running on the Indian roads, they require a pollution certificate. There are no changes in the laws and you still require the certificate in order to know the pollution generated by the vehicle.

Is BS6 fuel available?

Starting April 2020, only BS6 vehicles will be allowed to go on sale in India. That said, the said vehicles also require fuel that meets their requirements and hence, BS6 fuel. Indian Oil becomes the first company to announce the supply of BS6 fuel to its fuel stations across India.

Can I resell my BS4 car after 2020?

Yes, any BS4 vehicle owner will be able to sell his/her vehicle because government has no plan to obsolete BS4 vehicles as of now. BS6 launch in 2020 simply means that the new vehicles coming from the manufacturers should comply with BS6 emission norms after April 2020.

Should I buy BS4 or wait for BS6?

According to Maruti, Hyundai and Kia, BS6-compliant petrol vehicles can run on BS4 fuel without any problems to the engine. We recommend waiting till BS6 fuel is available throughout India before buying a BS6 diesel car.

Why is BS6 expensive?

Complying with these stricter emission norms require comprehensive changes to be made to the engines. These include adding new hardware like bigger catalytic converters, DPF, etc. This extra hardware is the reason why BS 6 vehicles are costlier as compared to their BS 4 models.

Can we buy BS4 cars now?

Unfortunately while a BS4 vehicle, given the present conditions, cannot be registered post April 30, 2020, it will have to be scrapped. A dealer cannot sell the vehicle and will incur heavy losses in this method. These vehicles are now being sold in the used market.

Will BS4 cars be banned?

It’s official. The Supreme Court has banned the sale of BS4 vehicles in the country. This order comes after the Supreme Court’s decision to extend the original deadline (March 31, 2020) for the sale of BS4 vehicles due to the nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Is it worth buying BS4 car now?

You can drive a BS4-compatible vehicle without any problem. The BS6 norms are only formulated for new cars and not the existing ones. Using BS6 fuel for a BS4 engine does not affect the car’s mileage, efficiency, and overall performance. This is why you can buy a used car without any worries.

How will BS6 affect the car’s performance and mileage?

The Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) will bring down and restrict the emissions from the tailpipe to 1.0g/km of Carbon Monoxide. The BS6 fuels will have a lesser amount of sulfur in it and involve more of additives. The BS5 emission norms were skipped by the standard body to curb the pollution by bringing in stricter norms.

Is BS6 Fuel expensive?

New BS6 is now available at some fuel stations in few cities the cost remains more or less the same. This is done for a trial period until the official rollout of BS6 norms. After that, it might change after the official launch of BS6, considering the increased processes involved in refining the BS6 fuel.

Can I buy BS4 petrol car now?

The simple question has a very complicated answer. In simple words, one can buy BS4 compliant vehicles. Even though the old vehicles will keep on polluting the environment. It’ll be a long wait to see all the BS6 cars on road as most of the cars currently running are BS4 and some being BS3 or even BS2.

Will BS4 reduce car price?

The deadline for Bharat Stage 6 or BS6 emission norms is almost here….List of discounts on BS4 cars.

Car Maximum Discount Price Range
Hyundai Verna ₹ 90,000 ₹ 8.18 – ₹ 14.08 lakh
Hyundai Xcent ₹ 95,000 ₹ 5.81 – ₹ 8.79 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Dzire ₹ 78,900 ₹ 5.82 – ₹ 9.52 lakh
Maruti Suzuki Ignis ₹ 60,000 ₹ 4.89 – ₹ 7.19 lakh

Can we convert BS4 to BS6?

BS4 to BS6 Conversion, Is it Possible? The emission norm change from BS4 to BS6 is irreversible. On the 1st of April next month new emission norms will see a new sunrise and we’ll welcome cleaner emission norms.

What is the advantage of BS6 engine?

The BS6 vehicles are over 50% less polluting than the BS4 vehicles. With the BS-6 standards, the NOx emission rate can come down by approximately 25% in the case of petrol engines and 70% in the case of diesel engines. The cancer-causing particulate matter emissions from the diesel engines will also come down by 80%.

Should I buy car now or wait for BS6?

We recommend waiting till BS6 fuel is available throughout India before buying a BS6 diesel car. If you are in urgent need of a new diesel car and your average daily running is not high (say, less than 15km), you could still go ahead and buy one without worry.

Is it worth buying BS4 in 2020?

Q. Answer: Well BS6 Fuel is available in Many Cities and will soon be standard all across Pan India from April 2020. If you refill in BS6 Petrol Car with a BS4 Fuel, then although is not the ideal scenario but car can well be driven without any kind of major issue.

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