Is Brock gym free for students?

Is Brock gym free for students?

Brock undergraduate and graduate students Students may use the track, the Zone fitness centre, gyms, studios, pool, shower rooms, outdoor tennis courts at no extra charge. Simply present your student ID at the Central Equipment Room to receive a wristband each time you use the facility.

Is Brock pool open?

The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre is currently open for Brock students and members who register for lane swimming or fun swims. Lane swimming and walking is available. The Walker Sports Complex is open to Brock students, faculty and staff members, and community swim members. All must pre-book their activity time.

Does Brock University have a pool?

Aquatics Centre The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre at Brock University is the largest swimming facility in the Niagara Region. Our 50m Olympic size pool provides room for numerous water activities at the same time.

Is Brock University Open on Saturday?

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Does Brock have a football team?

Unlike U of T, Brock doesn’t have a football team, but games are readily available on her commute home.

What is the zone at Brock?

The Zone Fitness Centre
On the Brock University campus, The Zone Fitness Centre (“The Zone”) is the epicenter of the school’s impressive fitness culture.

How tall is the Brock diving board?

3 meter
The pool also has 1 meter and 3 meter diving boards, with a super tall 5 meter platform that people like to call the “Brock Tower”.

Is Brock Online Fall 2021?

We know that some of you will be more comfortable learning online, so we will continue to offer a significant number of online courses in the 2021-22 academic year.

Does Brock University require vaccination?

As of Sept. 7, Brock University’s vaccine mandate takes effect. You will need to be vaccinated to come to campus and you must provide the University with proof of your vaccination status by uploading your documentation below.

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