Is BMC Software a good company to work for?

Is BMC Software a good company to work for?

BMC is one of best company to work. It’s work culture is very good. BMC is very employee oriented company. It has a very healthy and balanced work environment.

Is BMC Software a product based company?

Yes, a few product-based companies in Pune include Amazon, BMC Software, CISCO, Quick Heal, and more.

What is BMC Software worth?

Gartner has positioned BMC as a Leader for the eighth consecutive year in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools for its BMC Helix ITSM solution….BMC Software.

Products Software IT service management
Revenue $2 billion (2020)
Owner Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Number of employees 6,000 (2020)

What does BMC stand for in BMC Software?

baseboard management controller
baseboard management controller (BMC)

Is BMC Software a good company to work for Quora?

The scope for BMC remedy is very good in market, in fact it is one of the niche technology available in market. Yes for sure its a use ful skill. and yes a lot of jobs for BMC Remedy Experts. BMCs a good company.

What is the notice period of BMC Software?

90 days of notice period!

Who are BMC competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to BMC

  • ServiceNow.
  • IBM.
  • Microsoft.
  • Broadcom.
  • Ivanti (Cherwell)
  • Atlassian.
  • SAP.
  • SolarWinds.

Which company pays the highest salary in Bangalore?

Top IT Companies in Bangalore

  • Google India Private Ltd. National Rank : 01.
  • SAP Labs India Private Ltd. National Rank: 07.
  • Intuit Technology Services. National Rank: 10.
  • Cisco Systems (India) Private Ltd.
  • Adobe Systems India Private Ltd.
  • EMC, India.
  • American Express India.
  • Ujjivan Financial Services Private Ltd.

Is BMC Software a Fortune 500 company?

Footnote: Figures are for fiscal year ended March 31, 2005. These companies appear on both the FORTUNE 500 and our 2006 ranking of the Best Companies to Work For….Company Matches.

Rank 9
Company BMC Software
500 rank 984
Revenues ($ millions) 1,463.0

Who uses BMC Remedy?

Companies using BMC Remedy ITSM Suite for IT Service Management include: Exxon Mobil Corporation, a United States based Oil, Gas and Chemicals organisation with 72000 employees and revenues of $181.50 billions, Ford Motor Company, a United States based Automotive organisation with 182000 employees and revenues of …

What is a good salary in Bangalore in 2021?

How much do Bangalore employees make? Employees as Bangalore earn an average of ₹22lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹10lakhs per year to ₹50lakhs per year based on 99 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹32lakhs per year.

How much is a good salary in Bangalore?

What is a good salary to live and enjoy in Bangalore? Depending on whether you are a single professional or a family of four, to live and enjoy in the city, your salary must be anywhere between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1,50,000 per month. Much depends on your lifestyle, consumption habits and expenses.

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