Is Antimony tribromide ionic or covalent?

Is Antimony tribromide ionic or covalent?

Antimony tribromide is a colorless solid. It absorbs water from the air. It reacts with water to make antimony trioxide and hydrobromic acid. It has covalent bonds in it and melts easily.

What is the formula for Antimony tribromide?

Antimony tribromide/Formula

Is Diboron silicide ionic or covalent?

Boron is the electropositive atom (named first), and silicon is the electronegative atom (named last). In covalent bonding, you always number the amount of the electropositive atom or the other one, but not usually both. Thus, you get diboron silicide, just like H2O is dihydrogen oxide.

What is the formula for the covalent compound dinitrogen trioxide?

Dinitrogen trioxide | N2O3 – PubChem.

What is the covalent compound for scl4?

Your answer: sulfur tetrachloride.

What is antimony trichloride formula?

Antimony trichloride/Formula

What is the covalent compound formula for dinitrogen trioxide?

What is the formula for Hexaboron Tribromide?

Naming Covalent compounds

antimony tribromide SbBr3
hexaboron silicide B6Si
chlorine dioxide ClO2
hydrogen iodide HI

What is the formula for nitrogen Tribromide?

Nitrogen tribromide/Formula

What type of compound is dinitrogen trioxide?

nitrogen oxides
Dinitrogen trioxide is the chemical compound with the formula N2O3. It is one of the simple nitrogen oxides.

What is the chemical formula for antimony tribromide?

Antimony tribromide, also known as antimony(III) bromide, is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is SbBr3. It has antimony and bromide ions in it. The antimony is in its +3 oxidation state.

What are the names of covalent compounds?

However, simple covalent compounds are generally named by using prefixes to indicate how many atoms of each element are shown in the formula. Also, the ending of the last (most negative) element is changed to -ide. The prefixes used are mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, penta-, hexa-, and so forth.

Which diatomic element has a triple covalent bond?

The diatomic molecule with a triple covalent bond is N2. Nitrogen has five atoms in its valence shell. In order for it to attain the octet structure, that is, to have eight electrons in its outermost shell, it has to donate three electrons, just like the other element it is reacting with in order to form a triple covalent bond. 5.0.

Is nitrogen triiodide an ionic compound or covalent compound?

Answer : NI3 (Nitrogen triiodide) is a Covalent bond What is chemical bond, ionic bond, covalent bond?

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