Is Amphicoelias a real dinosaur?

Is Amphicoelias a real dinosaur?

Amphicoelias (/ˌæmfɪˈsiːliəs/, meaning “biconcave”, from the Greek ἀμφί, amphi: “on both sides”, and κοῖλος, koilos: “hollow, concave”) is a genus of herbivorous sauropod dinosaur that lived approximately 150 million years ago during the Tithonian (Late Jurassic Period) of what is now Colorado, United States.

Is Amphicoelias a titanosaur?

But in the museum’s files is buried a description of a vertebra for a dinosaur that would have been 55 percent longer than the Titanosaur — and bigger than any animal ever known….The Biggest Dinosaur In History May Never Have Existed.

Amphicoelias fragillimus 190ft
Titanosaur 122
Blue whale 98
Brontosaurus excelsus 72

Is Amphicoelias bigger than Argentinosaurus?

But the story behind this animal is somewhat suspect. An Amphicoelias vertebrate and femur were discovered in 1877 at the height of the Bone Wars, but the specimens were somehow lost in the subsequent decades. “Certainly the new animal appears to be at least as large as Argentinosaurus, and is a new species,” he said.

What’s the difference between a Diplodocus and a Brontosaurus?

What is the Difference Between Brontosaurus and Diplodocus? Brontosaurus belongs to the genus of gigantic quadruped sauropod dinosaurs. Diplodocus had a longer body and was weightier than Diplodocus. In contrast to Brontosaurus, Diplodocus has chevron bones in their tails, which is yet another morphological difference.

Is Amphicoelias bigger than Blue Whale?

Amphicoelias (pronounced Am-fi-see-lias, meaning ‘Doubly Hollow’) is a genus of herbivorious sauropod dinosaur and is the largest animal to have ever live, bigger than the blue whale . fragillimus is known from a single bone which was lost more than 100 years ago and the size estimates are based of A.

What was the heaviest dinosaur?

The heaviest dinosaur was Argentinosaurus at 77 tonnes. It was the equivalent to 17 African Elephants. Argentinosaurus is a double award winner being also the longest dinosaur. It is also the largest land animal to have ever lived.

Who is bigger Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus?

Despite its imposing reputation—and its enormous length—Diplodocus was actually rather svelte compared to other sauropods of the late Jurassic period, attaining a maximum weight of “only” 20 or 25 tons, compared to over 50 tons for the contemporary Brachiosaurus.

Is Metriacanthosaurus a carnivore?

Metriacanthosaurus was a fairly large meat-eater that lived in Northern Europe near the end of the Jurassic Period. This carnivore was fairly typical of Jurassic theropods.

Is Diplodocus a titanosaur?

The bone clearly belonged to a sauropod—a long-necked dinosaur like Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus. Specifically, it was one of the titanosaurs—the last-surviving group of sauropods, and likely the biggest of them. But even known titanosaurs didn’t have thighs that big.

Is titanosaur bigger than blue whale?

Based on the size of the largest thigh bones, the scientists calculated that the titanosaur weighed around 170,000 pounds and measured 130 feet long and 65 feet tall. Though the ocean mammal is shorter by about 30 feet, the largest blue whales are estimated to weigh as much as 320,000 pounds.

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