Is Alvear Fino a Sherry?

Is Alvear Fino a Sherry?

It’s not a Sherry because it’s made in the region of Montilla-Moriles, not Jerez, but this has so much elegance and finesse.

What is Montilla fino?

Fino (“refined” in Spanish) is the driest and palest of the traditional varieties of sherry and Montilla-Moriles fortified wine.

Is Montilla-Moriles Sherry?

A close cousin of sherry in strength and flavour, Montilla-Moriles wines are not easy to track down. You can order a fragrant, dry fino, a nutty amontillado (named after Montilla), a voluptuous palo cortado or a figgy oloroso in Cordoba, but they’re rare further afield.

Where is Montilla-Moriles?

Montilla-Moriles is located in the province of Córdoba in an enclave located in the center of Andalucia, less than an hour from Malaga, Seville, Cordoba and Granada. Here lies a region where winemaking dates back to Roman times.

What is Alvear Fino?

Fresh, yeasty, crusty-bread nose with notes of salty almonds. The Alvear Fino is aged in a biological way under a clear layer that the yeast creates on top of the wine, known as the velo de flor, that prevents the wine from oxidation and gives it its characteristic aroma and flavor, like Sherry.

How long does fino sherry last?

Fino or Manzanilla: in a sealed bottle it will last for 12 to 18 months. If the bottle is opened and stored in the refrigerator, it will last one week. Amontillado and Medium Sweet Sherries in a sealed bottle will last for 18 to 36 months. If the bottle is open they will last 2 -3 weeks.

What is fino drink?

Fino A pale straw-coloured wine with a sharp, delicate bouquet suggestive of almonds. It’s light and dry on the palate. The wine is fortified to 15% alcohol and aged under a veil of yeasts called “flor” to prevent oxidation.

Which is the most famous wine variety from the Montilla Moriles area?

Pedro Ximénez
As the oxidative maturation continues, the wine gains complexity – a hallmark of this style. Most Amontillado Montillas are sweet, made from the region’s noble grape variety, Pedro Ximénez.

What is Amoroso sherry?

Oloroso or Amoroso – is a full-bodied, powerful and heavy Sherry with dark brown colour and strong nutty taste. It is often aged without flor. Abocado – a semisweet Oloroso. Cortado – is a Sherry between Amontillado and Oloroso.

Is sherry served chilled?

Due to Sherry wine’s complex flavors and high alcohol content, it is best served chilled in a small glass. When it comes to Sherry, less is more, so a 3-ounce glass is plenty. Sherry is a delicious treat when served on its own but is also an integral part of many iconic cocktails.

What does Fino taste like?

Tasting Notes A sharp, delicate bouquet slightly reminiscent of almonds with a hint of fresh dough and wild herbs. Light, dry and delicate on the palate leaving a pleasant, fresh aftertaste of almonds.

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