Is Alcudia hot in December?

Is Alcudia hot in December?

Alcudia weather in December is quite mild with temperatures reaching the mid-teens on most days before lowering to colder temperatures at night. Alcudia is a charming town on the north of Majorca, which is the largest Balearic Island in the Mediterranean.

Is Alcudia hot in March?

In March the average temperature’s 11ºC in Alcudia, reaching a high of 17ºC in the hottest part of the afternoon. Although it’s t-shirt weather during the daytime, make sure you pack plenty of layers for evenings out at the local bars and restaurants, as temperatures fall to a low of 5ºC after dark.

Is Alcudia a good holiday destination?

Highlights of Alcudia It is considered as the favorite resort with families. Alcudia has a fantastic 10km stretch of soft sandy beach, ideal for all the family and there are plenty of attractions around the resort. Sightseers will enjoy the historic old town while shoppers search for a bargain in the weekly market.

What is the weather like in Alcudia in October?

The average high in Alcudia is 23ºC in October, which is still perfectly warm enough for you to lounge by the pool or at the beach. You should bring some warmer things for the evenings though as temperatures cool to 14ºC at night. At 22ºC, the sea’s nice and refreshing, while humidity’s low.

What’s the weather like in Alcudia in April?

In April, Alcudia has an average daytime temperature of 14°C, making this a mild yet pleasant time of year to visit Majorca. With highs of 19°C, it’s warm enough to spend a few hours on the beach although the sea is still quite chilly at just 16°C.

Are there mosquitoes in Alcudia?

We visit Majorca every year but last year it was particularly bad for mosquitoes in Alcudia. We all got bitten a lot more than previous years despite using every repellent going.

Is there a Mcdonald’s in Alcudia?

But no, there isn’t any McDonalds in Alcudia but there are at least two Burger Kings one being on the famous “Burger King” roundabout on the main drag where Lidl is also located.

Can you sunbathe in Palma in October?

With approximately 11 hours of sunshine the days are still long and the nights are cool. If you are a local you welcome the opportunity of a good night’s sleep, as it is not so hot. Temperatures are on average in the mid-20s.

How hot is Alcudia in November?

Alcudia’s weather begins to noticeably change as November arrives, and the average temperature drops sharply to a cool 13°C. The sun still shines for around 7 hours per day, which is still very pleasant indeed, and you can expect a high of around 18°C on good days, reaching a low of a chilly 8°C during evening times.

Is Alcudia hot in June?

Sitting on the north coast of Majorca, Alcudia has a Mediterranean climate. The summer months are hot, dry and perfect if you love the sun. In June the resort is pleasantly warm, and without the intense heat of the high season it’s a great time of year for exploring the local sights or simply relaxing on the beach.

How much is a taxi from Palma airport to Alcudia?

How much is a standard taxi from Palma Airport to Alcudia? A standard taxi transfer from Palma Airport to Alcudia for up to 4 passengers is around €90.

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