Is a M11 Cummins a good engine?

Is a M11 Cummins a good engine?

The M11-310E Plus is an ideal engine for on-highway applications hauling up to 80,000 lb GCW for speeds up to 62 mph. This engine rating delivers outstanding performance in the 1200-1800 rpm range. The M11-310E Plus with 2100 rpm governed speed is ideally suited for vocational applications.

What is a Cummins M11 engine?

The Cummins M11 is a 11-Liter Engine inline 6 cylinder configuration. The first M11 Cummins Engines were a mechanical style engine. Later the electronics were incorporated into the M11 Cummins Engines. The M11 Cummins Engines were produced from the mid 80’s to the late 90’s.

How many HP is a M11 Cummins?

The Cummins M11 Series ranges from 280 to 400 horsepower. “

What size engine is the M11 Cummins?

10.8 litres
It displaces 10.8 litres (659.1 cu in). Introduced as the M11 in 1994, it was built on the previous L10 engine (same 4.921 inches (125.0 mm) cylinder bore, but a longer 5.787 inches (147.0 mm) piston stroke compared to the L10’s 5.354 inches (136.0 mm) stroke).

Can you turn up a M11 Cummins?

They can be turned to 400 with the right CPL. This one is 400 with an Allison auto behind it and 46000 pound Hendrickson full locking rears . From 1999-2006 I ran a 1997 Case IH Austoft cane harvester. The M11 was used in those machines at either 330 or 350.

How much does a Cummins M11 weight?

Cummins M11-C225

General data of Cummins M11-C225 Construction Machinery Engine
Engine Model Cummins M11-C225
Dry Weight(With flywheel housing and alternator) 940 KG
Wet Weight 980 KG
Center of gravity from front face of block 450 mm

How much torque does an M11 Cummins have?


Model Max. Power Max. Torque
M11-280E 280 hp 900 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm
M11-330E 330 hp 1040 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

How much torque does a M11 Cummins have?

How much horsepower does a Cummins ISM have?

280-450 hp
Cummins design allows regeneration even in adverse operating conditions. Reduces particulate matter by more than 90%….Every Advantage.

Advertised Horsepower 280-450 hp (209-336 kW)
Peak Torque 1150-1550 lb-ft (1559-2102 N•m)
Governed Speed 2100 rpm

Is the ISM Cummins a good motor?

Overview: Cummins ISM continues to lead the way for heavy-duty diesels in its class. With its proven reliability, impressive fuel savings and electronics that integrate all engine functions for low cost of operation, Cummins ISM is clearly ahead of the competition.

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