Is 800 MHz enough?

Is 800 MHz enough?

800MHZ RAM is very slow by modern standards. 16GB of RAM at 3200MHZ can today be had for around £60. Higher RAM speeds used to be almost prohibitively expensive, but nowadays fast RAM is just so cheap that you may as well just get some.

What is 800 MHz in RAM?

It is actually 800Mhz. DDR memory transfers data on both the rising edge and the falling edge of the bus clock. There are three equally correct ways to market memory: The bus clock frequency which in your case is 800Mhz. The module standard which in your case is DDR3-1600, or 1600 megabits per second per IO pin.

Is 400 MHz RAM good for gaming?

Even if 400 mhz RAM is a good idea — it’s not — DDR2 RAM isn’t going to work on any modern motherboard, it was already being phased out of new motherboards by 2008-2009. It’s essentially a non-option for you.

Can I increase MHz RAM?

Most DDR3 RAM runs at 1,333MHz, but overclocking RAM such as G. Skill’s RipJawsX will happily run at 2,133MHz. Ramp it up incrementally, though. If your PC boots, restart it and increase the frequency some more.

Is 1333MHz RAM good?

Yes it’s absolutely NO problem for gaming.

What is the difference between 1333MHz and 1600MHz RAM?

There is really no performance difference between running the RAM at 1333MHz compared to 1600MHz. The reason to buy 1600MHz is if you are heavily OCing. When you OC the CPU (unless you’ve got an unlocked multi like the 955) you also change the frequency the RAM.

Can I use 1600MHz RAM instead of 800Mhz?

No you can’t. If you put two RAM sticks with two different speeds into the laptop, it will not switch on until you take one of them out.

Why does my RAM say its 800Mhz when its actually 1600MHz?

CPU-Z is correct the clock speed is 800 MHz. The modules are DDR (Double Data Rate) in this case version 3, hence DDR3. So the data rate is 1600.

Is 400 MHz a big difference in RAM?

It depends on where you start from – 400 MHz on top of 2133 is quite an improvement. On top of 2666 is nice. On top of 3000 is OK.

What speed does DDR4 run at?

DDR4 speeds start at 2400 MT/s and offer faster speeds and responsiveness than all other generations of memory. Optimized for gamers, professional designers, and enthusiasts who need to maximize data rates, DDR4 is for those who want the most from their system.

Is my RAM running at 400 MHz or 800 MHz?

You are probably using a Gigabyte motherboard, and as per BIOS setting I can see the RAM must be running at 800Mhz (400*2) not 400 Mhz (200*2). Try checking with some other tool in Windows to cross check. I prefer AIDA64 , it has memory based benchmarks which can tell you the correct info. Ex: Mine is 1600 Mhz (800*2)

What is the difference between 400Mhz and 800Mhz DDR?

DDR2 800 actually runs at 400Mhz and the “2” part means it transfers twice the data per clock, making it the equivalent of an 800Mhz DDR chip.

Does DDR3 RAM run at 3 times the rated speed?

DDR3 does not run at three times the rated speed, it still runs at twice the rated speed, because it is Double Data Rate RAM. So when you see 400 MHz in CPU-Z, the RAM is running at 400 MHz, but data is transferring as though it were running at 800 MHz, therefore, it is listed as 800 MHZ RAM. Not quite true. DDR stands for Double Data Rate.

Is 1600Mhz RAM supported on my Motherboard?

I replaced my old 800MHz 2x4GB RAM with 2 new 8GB RAM modules that work at 1600MHz. My motherboard supports these higher speeds and the BIOS also indicated 1600MHz as the supported speed. However, when logged in, Windows shows the memory working at 800MHz. I attach the CPUID/CPU-Z report and screenshots. Note that slots #3 and #4 are empty.

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