Is 747 upper deck better?

Is 747 upper deck better?

The great thing is that all 747-400s offer the intimate Upper Deck space to sit in, and in pretty much every case flying business class up there is far superior to sitting in the same seats on the much bigger lower deck. It’s a really good reason to seek the 747 out.

What is on the upper deck of a 747?

Typically, flying on the upper deck of a Boeing 747 is an exclusive affair. When the jumbo jet was first introduced, the upper section was a lounge for premium passengers. More recently, most airlines put premium seats up top.  This means that most don’t have the ability to experience the upper deck.

Is the upper deck on a plane better?

Upper deck is generally better but check seatguru for information on specific seats. The only rear facing seats on BA aircraft are in Club World (long haul business class), and it would be the window seats and centre pairs. In Economy, the upper deck on the A380 is 2-4-2 instead of 3-4-3 on the main deck.

Do 747s still have lounges?

Existing lounges onboard the 747 For example, Australian flag carrier Qantas christened the top deck of its 747s as the Captain Cook Lounge. Here, first class passengers could socialize and enjoy a drink away from the fixed positions of their seats downstairs.

Is Virgin Upper Class worth the money?

When it comes to upgrading to Virgin Premium or Upper Class, it’s certainly worth it to make the most of your holiday. Both classes have dedicated check-in desks and priority, allowing you to bypass queues for a speedier start to your holiday. Upper Class, meanwhile, really ups the luxury.

What are the best seats in Virgin Upper Class?

From a comfort point of view, the seats in row 1 are the best seats in the cabin and for solo travelers, the seats in 1A and 1K are the ones to reserve. Virgin Atlantic likes to call its new Business Class seats “Upper Class suites” and that’s because each seat comes with its own door…but it’s only a partial door.

How many seats are in a Boeing 747 upper class?

No matter how dated the product is, the Upper Class 747 product looks superb on entering the cabin. There are 14 seats in a herringbone pattern. Nearly all the seats have difficulty looking out of the window; this is an infuriating part of the design.

Where do Virgin use their Boeing 747s?

Virgin base their 747s at Manchester and Gatwick and now use them on leisure routes. Virgin has plans to retire this aircraft by 2021, so I figured I really ought to ride on one before time was against me.

How many bathrooms does a Boeing 747 have?

Unlike BA’s 747s, there are only two bathrooms in the space by the first set of doors, meaning there is no loo with a view! The rearmost bathroom on BA’s 747s have a window.

What is it like to sit in the nose of 747s?

Sitting in the nose of the 747 is very special; front seats get a slightly forward view owing to the graceful curve of the fuselage. Priority boarding is offered to Upper Class. I boarded a little early with permission from the crew to take some pictures. Premium Economy lies directly behind Upper Class and is in a 2-4-2 configuration.

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