How wide should a TV stand be for a 60 inch TV?

How wide should a TV stand be for a 60 inch TV?

Choosing Right: The Perfect Sized TV Stand for Your TV

TV Size Width ViewingDistance
55″ 47.9″ in 7.5′ – 12.5′
60″ 52.3″ in 7.5′ – 12.5′
65″ 56.7″ in 8.1′ – 13.5′
70″ 61.1″ in 8.75′ – 14.5′

What is a TV stand?

A floating stand is a wall-mounted unit designed to complement your mounted TV. They typically feature an open shelving design and are made from ultra-lightweight materials. Armoires are usually large with ample storage for both the TV, digital players, and multimedia items.

How do I choose a TV stand?

How to Choose a TV Stand:

  1. Choose a Comfortable Viewing Height. Craning your neck at awkward angles for hours is a recipe for discomfort, so your TV stand should position the screen at eye level.
  2. Match the TV Size and Width.
  3. Complement the Room Layout.
  4. Choose a Style.
  5. Pick the Right Material.
  6. Plan for Storage and Organization.

How big does a TV stand need to be for a 65 TV?

57-inches wide
For a 65-inch television, we recommend a media stand that’s at least 57-inches wide. Consider going a little larger if you want to add any decor to the surface of the TV stand since the width of your TV here takes up the full surface of this TV stand size.

What size TV stand do you need for a 55 inch TV?

55 inch TV Stand Dimensions A 55 inch TV would be supported by a TV stand with a width of 53 to 59 inches, a height of about 52 inches, and a depth of 15 inches would fit alright.

What size TV stand do I need for a 58 inch TV?

Large TV Stands, Medium TV Stands and Small TV Stands

TV Stand Size Recommended Minimum TV Size (Diagonal) Recommended Maximum TV Size (Diagonal)
45” 49” 53”
50″ 54″ 58″
55″ 59″ 63″
65″ 70″ 73″

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