How we can do multithreading with Core Data?

How we can do multithreading with Core Data?

To use Core Data in a multithreaded environment, ensure that:

  1. Managed object contexts are bound to the thread (queue) that they are associated with upon initialization.
  2. Managed objects retrieved from a context are bound to the same queue that the context is bound to.

What is main concurrency type?

Concurrency is the ability to work with the data on more than one queue at the same time. If you choose to use concurrency with Core Data, you also need to consider the application environment. For the most part, AppKit and UIKit are not thread-safe.

What is Core Data stack in iOS?

Overview. Core Data provides a set of classes that collaboratively support your app’s model layer: An instance of NSManagedObjectModel describes your app’s types, including their properties and relationships. An instance of NSManagedObjectContext tracks changes to instances of your app’s types.

What is NSPersistentContainer in iOS?

NSPersistentContainer simplifies the creation and management of the Core Data stack by handling the creation of the managed object model ( NSManagedObjectModel ), persistent store coordinator ( NSPersistentStoreCoordinator ), and the managed object context ( NSManagedObjectContext ).

How do I initialize NSPersistentContainer?

Initialize a Persistent Container

  1. Declare a lazy variable of type NSPersistentContainer .
  2. Create a persistent container instance, passing the data model filename to its initializer.
  3. Load any persistent stores. This call creates a store, if none exists.

What is NSManagedObjectContext?

An object space to manipulate and track changes to managed objects. iOS 3.0+

What is Viewcontext in Core Data?

The main queue’s managed object context.

Is there a multithreading API for iOS?

In this tutorial, you’ll get hands on experience with the core multithreading API available on iOS: Grand Central Dispatch. You’ll take an app that doesn’t use multithreading at all (and hence is very unresponsive), and convert it to use multithreading.

How do I get Started with core data in iOS?

You’ll also get a sense of what Core Data is doing behind the scenes, and how you can interact with the various moving pieces. Open Xcode and create a new iOS project based on the Single View App template. Name the app HitList and make sure Use Core Data is checked.

Do all Xcode templates under iOS ▸ application have core data?

Note: Not all Xcode templates under iOS ▸ Application have the option to start with Core Data. In Xcode 10, only the Master-Detail App and Single View App templates have the Use Core Data checkbox. The idea for this sample app is simple: There will be a table view with a list of names for your very own “hit list”.

How does multithreaded programming work with cats?

That way your main cat can be responsible for updating the UI and responding to user events, while your other cats are going around the background downloading files, parsing HTML, and jumping on the tables (get off!) This is the gist of multithreaded programming.

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