How to say Good Morning?

How to say Good Morning?

Rise and shine! – This is usually said when you are in the process of waking someone from sleep.

  • Top of the morning to you! – This phrase originated in Ireland,which is a predominantly English speaking country,however,it is now widely used in many other English speaking
  • Good day to you.
  • Have a great day.
  • Hello there!
  • Wishing you the best for the day ahead.
  • How are you this fine morning?
  • Isn’t it a beautiful day today? – This phrase is often said when morning greetings are exchanged between two passers by.
  • Wakey,wakey,eggs and bakey. – This term is popular in the USA and is used when waking someone up,announcing breakfast time.
  • Look alive! – This popular British phrase is used when a person is taking a long time to get prepared in the morning.
  • Good morning,sleepy head/wakey wakey,sleepy head – This is a term which you might send in a text message or as a gentle way to wake a person.
  • Look at what the cat dragged in! – This humorous phrase is an informal way of greeting a close friend or family member and as a way of telling them
  • What a pleasant morning we are having.
  • How is your morning going so far?
  • Morning! – This shortened version of the full ‘good morning’ is very frequently used.
  • Is it polite to say Good Morning?

    Wishing someone good morning is one of the most polite things to do. This is a tradition all over the world. When we wake up, we all wish our loved ones a good morning. We text our friends good morning. We also begin talks in the morning by wishing the person good morning.

    What is meant by Good Morning?

    Good morning is used as a greeting and to wish someone that they have a morning that is good. Good morning is a phrase that is primarily used as a greeting. It is often used as a conversation starter and is viewed as polite conversation.

    What is Good Morning called?

    The good-morning is a weight-lifting exercise. It is known as a good morning because of the movement in the erector spinae which resembles the rise out of bed to stretch.

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