How to join Tea Board of India?

How to join Tea Board of India?

How can I join in Tea Board of India? First candidates should check the official notification released by Tea Board of India. Candidates should check the eligibility criteria given in the official notification PDF. Candidates should apply only when they meet the eligibility criteria.

How do I get a job at Tea Gardens?

Key points in the process

  1. After completing HSC in Science, the aspirants have to undergo bachelor’s degree in Botany, Agricultural Science, Food Science, Horticulture, or in any other related fields.
  2. Seek out and apply for the post of junior manager in different tea manufacturing companies.

How do I register for Tea Board?

FAQ – Welcome to Tea Board

  1. Firstly you should accept the undertaking.
  2. Select the state.
  3. Select the Type of License / Registration.
  4. Furnished the relevant details as per the category of license / registration selected.
  5. Upload Supporting Documents.
  6. Pay Fees Online wherever applicable.

Where is located Tea Board in India?

Tea Board of India

Logo of the organisation
Formation 1 April 1954
Type Indian Government Organisation
Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Location London, United Kingdom Moscow, Russia Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When was tea board set up?

1st April, 1954
Tea Board was set up as a statutory body on 1st April, 1954 as per Section (4) of the Tea Act, 1953. As an apex body, it looks after the overall development of the tea industry.

What is the salary of tea garden manager?

Tea Garden Manager average annual salary in India ranges between ₹ 5.9 Lakhs to ₹ 19.6 Lakhs.

What is the salary of a tea garden manager in Assam?

Average Assam Tea Company Assistant Manager salary in India is ₹ 3.8 Lakhs for employees with experience between 4 years to 8 years. Assistant Manager salary at Assam Tea Company ranges between ₹ 3 Lakhs to ₹ 4.5 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 3 salaries received from various employees of Assam Tea Company.

What is Tea Board certificate?

Every registered exporter of bulk tea, packet tea, tea bags and instant tea is required to be registered with Tea Board for obtaining Registration- cum-Membership Certificate under the Export Import Policy of the Government of India to avail import/export entitlement / duty drawback benefits.

How can I get tea export license in India?

a) Application Form ‘A’ duly filled in and signed along with date and seal of the proprietor/partner/Director/Authorised Signatory as the case may be. b) Licence fee of Rs. 1000/- by D.D/Bankers cheque drawn in favour of TEA BOARD. c) Copy of original Importer and Exporter Code (IEC) Certificate issued by DGFT.

How to apply for Tea Board of India jobs 2022?

Tea Board of India Jobs 2022 Notification out on official site of Tea Board of India for Junior Analyst and Junior Chemist job vacancies. Job Aspirants who passed B.Sc,M.Sc are eligible to apply for Tea Board Recruitment 2022.

What is the role of the Tea Board of India?

The Tea Board of India is an state agency of the Government of India established to promote the cultivation, processing, and domestic trade as well as export of tea from India. It was established by the enactment of the Tea Act in 1953 with its headquarters in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

Who is the head of the Kolkata Tea Board?

It was established by the enactment of the Tea Act in 1953 with its headquarters in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). It is headed by the chairman M G V K Bhanu and separated into Standing Committees referred to as the Executive Committee, the Development Committee, the Labour Welfare Committee and the Export Promotion Committee.

How can I search Tea Board posts by qualification?

Our website is helping job seekers for searching Tea Board posts by qualification and candidates can also sort it by state-wise govt jobs.

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