How to avoid Response End thread was being aborted exception during the Excel?

How to avoid Response End thread was being aborted exception during the Excel?

For Response.End, call the HttpContext.Current.ApplicationInstance.CompleteRequest method instead of Response.End to bypass the code execution to the Application_EndRequest event

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What does thread was being aborted mean?

If the thread that calls Abort holds a lock that the aborted thread requires, a deadlock can occur. If Abort is called on a thread that has not been started, the thread will abort when Start is called. If Abort is called on a thread that is blocked or is sleeping, the thread is interrupted and then aborted.

What causes thread Abort exception?

When a call is made to the Abort method to destroy a thread, the common language runtime throws a ThreadAbortException. ThreadAbortException is a special exception that can be caught, but it will automatically be raised again at the end of the catch block.

What can I use instead of response end?

If there’s no exception, the response doesn’t end. One alternative would be to call HttpContext. Current. ApplicationInstance.

What does Response flush do?

The Flush method sends buffered output immediately. This method causes a run-time error if Response.

What is ASP Net Response end?

The Response. End method ends the page execution and shifts the execution to the Application_EndRequest event in the application’s event pipeline. The line of code that follows Response. End is not executed.

Why am I getting thread was being aborted in asp net?

If an application is idle for some time (meaning that no requests are coming in), or certain other conditions are met, ASP.NET will recycle the entire AppDomain . When that happens, any threads that you started from that AppDomain , including those from Application_Start , will be aborted.

What can I use instead of thread suspension?

Thread. Suspend has been deprecated. Use other classes in System. Threading, such as Monitor, Mutex, Event, and Semaphore, to synchronize Threads or protect resources.

How do you terminate a thread?

In C#, a thread can be terminated using Abort() method. Abort() throws ThreadAbortException to the thread in which it called. Due to this exception, the thread is terminated.

Is response End needed?

Based on the input I’ve received, my answer is, Yes, Response. End is harmful, but it is useful in some limited cases. use Response. End() as an uncatchable throw, to immediately terminate the HttpResponse in exceptional conditions.

What is flush HTTP?

Flushing is when the server sends the initial part of the HTML document to the client before the entire response is ready. All major browsers start parsing the partial response. When done correctly, flushing results in a page that loads and feels faster.

What is response redirect in ASP NET?

The Response. Redirect method redirects a request to a new URL and specifies the new URL while the Server. Transfer method for the current request, terminates execution of the current page and starts execution of a new page using the specified URL path of the page. Redirect(“UserDetail. aspx”);

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